About Me

Who is JenPonix?
JenPonix came from the combination of the blogger's nickname and her last name plus the "ix" to make it sounds like "phoenix". A fictional creature in resemblance to an eagle. It flies just like what this ordinary gal behind this blog wants to do. She started this blog as a past time while waiting for the opportunity to fly abroad and is now experiencing alienated labor. The blog experienced on and offs in the blogging world, moved to different blog genres, and now, reborn to share again her life's extreme adventures (though "extreme" seems to be unrealistic) as a travel blog. This lass decided to travel more and experience life when she had her first airplane ride. At that time, the travel bug bit her and to travel is the only cure.

How can you afford to travel?
For now, I am in a work-save-travel stage. But hoping to make traveling a full-time job, maybe. Who wouldn't like that, right? Though there are still some priorities than traveling, when I have that some extra moolah, I want to spend it to traveling, may it be anywhere, solo traveling or with someone. I just wish traveling is free, because if it is, you may not see me anymore.

Where have you been to?
Asia Pacific                                          Oceania
Philippines (parts of)                                Guam
Japan (parts of)
Bali, Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What kind of traveler are you?
I am a happy-go-lucky traveler. I can travel solo or with a companion or with a group and adapts to what the surroundings is. No specific but have default itineraries. Backpacking is my game but I also like to have some luxury travels once in a while. 

What's your travel goal?
Of course! There's only one goal every traveler wants, but to travel and experience what the world can offer. Despite where this passport of mine stands, you can make a way, right? There's always a way, I promise you that. Maybe for now, let's start in the smallest one and later on to the bigger ones. I also want to meet any travel bloggers and followers around the world and together experience what life brings, if given the chance. Wanna meet up??? Achieve na achieve!

For more questions, inquiries, comments, or about anything, you may post, tweet or send me a message via my social media accounts or in my contact page. Thank you and nice to meet all of you!