Free Things To Do In Tokyo

Friday, September 2, 2016

Had the thoughts of Tokyo being expensive? Well, leave it in your thoughts because you can experience Tokyo in cheap or almost for free. There are so many place here that you can visit for free. Just take note of the many temples here and there, even the train stations are a must visit. Whether just want to hang out or have some alone time, you can do it without spending some moolah. Here are some of my lists of the must free things to do while in the metropolis.

1. Pay a visit at Meiji Shrine. Pay respect by visiting this shrine that is dedicated to the first Emperor Meiji of modern Japan and Empress Shokken in 1920. The shrine is open from sunrise to sunset and no closing days. You can have a 10-minute walk to the South entrance from Harajuku station or to the North entrance from Yoyogi station.

2. Hachiko statue as a rendezvous. Meeting a friend? Why not have your meetup in the famous dog statue, Hachiko just outside Shibuya station and that will lead to... #3

3. Get scrambled with the crowd at Shibuya crossing. Join the locals and tourist alike while crossing the famous intersection during the "GO" sign. Have your selfie stick cameras and GoPro for a great experience. You can have the cross-all-you-want to get that perfect shot.