Free Things To Do In Tokyo

Friday, September 2, 2016

Had the thoughts of Tokyo being expensive? Well, leave it in your thoughts because you can experience Tokyo in cheap or almost for free. There are so many place here that you can visit for free. Just take note of the many temples here and there, even the train stations are a must visit. Whether just want to hang out or have some alone time, you can do it without spending some moolah. Here are some of my lists of the must free things to do while in the metropolis.

1. Pay a visit at Meiji Shrine. Pay respect by visiting this shrine that is dedicated to the first Emperor Meiji of modern Japan and Empress Shokken in 1920. The shrine is open from sunrise to sunset and no closing days. You can have a 10-minute walk to the South entrance from Harajuku station or to the North entrance from Yoyogi station.

2. Hachiko statue as a rendezvous. Meeting a friend? Why not have your meetup in the famous dog statue, Hachiko just outside Shibuya station and that will lead to... #3

3. Get scrambled with the crowd at Shibuya crossing. Join the locals and tourist alike while crossing the famous intersection during the "GO" sign. Have your selfie stick cameras and GoPro for a great experience. You can have the cross-all-you-want to get that perfect shot.

4. Watch live tuna auction at Tsukiji fish market. Tired of exercising during morning? Why not wake up early in the morning and head to Tsukiji fish market to witness the live tuna auction and have a fresh sushi/sashimi breakfast at one of those hole-in-the-wall sushi/sashimi stalls? Better than exercising, right?

5. Have a 360 degree view of Tokyo at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. Want to have a free 360 degree panoramic view of Tokyo? Head yourself to Shinjuku and go up to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. You can see the famous Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Dome, Mt. Fuji(if you got luck) and many more from here. This has South and North observatory, both of free admission and is open from 9:30~17:30 and 9:30~23:00, respectively.

6. Take a picture at the Kaminarimon and walk along the street of Nakamise. Head to Asakusa and together with those flock of tourists, you can have a look at Kaminarimon, which serves as one of the large entrance gates of the Sensoji temple. Walk along the Nakamise to find goods and souvenirs back home.

7. Offer a prayer at Sensoji temple. Serving as one of the famous temples on Tokyo, flock of locals and tourists visit this temple for "Kamisama" to hear their prayers.

8. Hang out in Takeshita-dori. Wanna spot Japan's most extreme teenage culture and fashion styles, head on to Harajuku to feed your eyes. It may seem weird to you but normal to them. Have some crepe in your hand from one of those stalls there while gazing at those we-seem-to-called-weird people or just how amazing this place is.

9. Feel like a royalty around the East gardens of the Imperial Palace. Yes, you can be! You can enter the Imperial palace through a paid reservation, but why just not experience its garden and pretend you're the lovable princess of Japan. You can visit it and have some walk around the gardens. It's big, I warned you. So how much more the inside, right? Why not experience to jog here? It can be  reached by a 10-15 minute walk from Tokyo station and is open from 9:00~16:30.

10. Attend a festival. Japan is home to festivals, I guess. Here and there, small or big they are celebrating it. So why not experience one of those festivals. Join the crowd while enjoying yourself and learning the culture at the same time. Why not join the Meiji Shrine Spring Festival during the spring? There are so many to choose from, it's just up to you.

11. Window shopping in Ginza. Enjoying shopping but not in the budget? Why not go to the shopping district, Ginza where you can find almost all the luxury brands made in Japan or from around the world. Yes, I guess it's not a good idea to be here if you really don't have the budget because you may end up buying and use you credit card. How about testing your urge to shop? If that's still a lame reason, well you better skip this one.

12. Picnic at Ueno park. Especially during those cherry blossom season. Lay your mat under those cherry blossom trees and and enjoy your foods bought from the nearest convenience store.

13. Explore the "geek and nerd" world of Akihabara. Want a new camera, a PS4 game tape, name all electronics, you can look for it around Akiba. And by the way, this is the place where all those maid cafes and butler cafes and unique or should I say weird cafes are lurking. So to experience one of those, this is the place to be.

14. Have a selfie in one of those unique places around Tokyo. Everything around Tokyo is unique so my not have a selfie almost every corner? I guess it's a little bit exaggerated so I will just give you some and you may explore the others. One is the Tokyu Plaza mirror entrance at Omotehara (short for Omotesando-Harajuku). It is a kaleidoscope-like mirror which can be a perfect backdrop for your selfie. Another is the "Reflectscape" art installation, few minutes walk from the Tokyo Skytree station.

15. Get lost. The best way to enjoy the best of this city in free-form is to get lost. Forget those travel guides and Google map. Just walk and walk and walk without direction and maybe you can find your best free-place-or-thing-to-do-in-Tokyo. Just be sure to be around the crowds and not going to those creepy places and better do this during daytime.

So here are my 15 ways to enjoy Tokyo for free. You may have your own list too, better spill it out and share it with us. This post made me want to go to Tokyo again. Well, maybe soon, I guess. Wanna join me? Please let me know. It's my pleasure if you want to and let's enjoy Tokyo together.


  1. when pa kaha ko maka anha!? my goodness. haha

    1. Ali na em! Dili naman kaau sila higpit sa visa daw ron. You can go anytime. Let me know.


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