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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Every tourist visiting Japan must probably include Tokyo, Japan's capital in their itineraries. I guess it should not be forgotten. At all, it's the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun where fashion, culture, and food at its best. Better agree with me, Japanese food is the best! I guess every traveler's dream is to set their feet in Tokyo. Just like me. Yes, I've been here for almost 4 years but I just recently visited it and guess what? I will go back for sure, of course, to visit the places I've missed and to try other things Tokyo can offer. When that time comes, it should be long, I promise. For now, I will just give you my personal 1-day itinerary. One day is not enough to explore Tokyo, but I was able to at least capsulized Tokyo in less than 24 hours.

I departed Nagoya 11:50 in the evening and arrived at Shinjuku 5:30 in the morning the next day. By the way, I traveled almost 6 hours via an overnight Willer Express bus. It had 3 stops in order for the passengers to have the toilet or have some midnight snacks or to prepare for arrival. Don't worry, this overnight bus will let you relax for the night. Well, of course, Japanese service, you know. Well, on to my personal itinerary. These are the list I was able to visit during that span of time.

1. Hachiko Statue/Shibuya Crossing (Shibuya)
This is where the statue of Hachiko, the loyal dog from the movie who patiently waits for his master to come home even the master died from heart attack. This is a popular rendezvous for friends or couple outside the Shibuya station. Another famous place in Shibuya is the Shibuya crossing or known as the "The Scramble". The world's busiest intersection where a great number of people, locals and tourists alike pass through once the green light is on.

2. Nijubashi/Imperial Palace (Tokyo)
The famous bridge in Tokyo is the Nijubashi. It's a bridge that looks like an eyeglass due to its reflection in the water. Imperial Palace is the residence of Japan's Imperial family. You need a guided tour reservation to enter the inner grounds of the palace. Wasn't able to enter the inner grounds this time. Maybe soon.

3. Hachiko and Ueno Sensei's reunion statue (Tokyo University)
This statue symbolizes the reunion of the Hachiko and his master. In the Japanese version of the movie, his master is a teacher of agriculture teaching in Tokyo university, hence the location of the statue. This was just open to the public last year.

4. Sensoji Temple/Kaminarimon/Nakamise (Asakusa)
Sensoji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo but one of the most colorful and popular temple in Tokyo. A number of tourists and locals alike can testify to this. By going to this temple, you can pass through the outer gate of Sensoji temple, the Kaminarimon or the "Thunder Gate" and the 200 meter long Nakamise will greet you. It is a shopping street selling from Japanese snacks to souvenirs.

5. Skytree Tower (Sumida)
Tokyo Skytree Tower became the tallest standing structure in Japan in 2010, the tallest tower in 2011, and the second tallest structure in the world. The tower was launched and opened to the public in 2012. It is an observation tower where you can see Tokyo in 360 degrees. Was not able to go up the tower because the lack of time.

6. Odaiba
This is an artificial island in Tokyo which is popular of its shopping and entertainment industry. So many things to do here. This is where Fuji Television is, AquaCity, Diver City where the huge Gundam robot stoods, and the Decks Tokyo Beach. This is where you can see the full image of the Rainbow Bridge. From Asakusa, we ride the Tokyo cruise ship to Odaiba and was able to ride the Hortaluna.

7. Tokyo Tower
When the dark sets in, its time to head to a still popular Tokyo landmark, the Tokyo Tower. This is the tallest, self-supported steel tower in the world standing 333 meters. The main observatory can give you interesting sights despite of its moderate height compared to the Skytree.

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