Nagashima Spaland: A Thrill-Seeker's Place

Friday, July 29, 2016

Another part of Nagashima Resort is the Nagashima Spaland. This is an amusement park for thrill-seekers. It has rides and attractions for adults and even for kids. People who are not fund of amusement parks may also enjoy while ride-sighting and listening to those screams of riders. Before I was able to visit this amusement park, I have a Nagashima Spaland post in Taiken Japan as my first article in the said website.
Because of so many rides and attractions to choose from but had a limited time, we chose the biggest and the most thrill rides in the park. Better get ready queuing for a single ride. It may take more time than the actual ride. Better find a way to enjoy yourselves in the queue. But I may tell you, it will be worth the wait. An entrance fee of 1,600Jpy is needed but if you want to ride almost the rides and have plenty of time to spend, better get the entrance + ride all you can ticket worth 4,500Jpy for adults. What are you waiting for? Let's scream and enjoy!
1. Steel Dragon 2000 (1,000Jpy)
This rollercoaster is one of the 3 gigacoasters around the world. This 3 minute 12 second ride will make you scream in delight as it hits its peak speed of 153 km/hr. Steel Dragon 2000 is the world's second tallest coaster at 97 meters and the longest track at 2,479 meters.

2. Acrobat (1,000Jpy)
 Wanna experience how to be an acrobat for 3 minutes? You can ride this attraction which has 4 full inversions and with a total length of 1,021 meters with a speed of 90 km/hr. This is the newest attraction in the park. It is the world's largest flying coaster. You will also experience a water splashing while riding this ride. Be Superman or Wonderwoman for 3 minutes! Wow just wow!
3. White Cyclone (1,000Jpy)
Try this 1994 wooden rollercoaster and feel how to be in one of the world's largest wooden frame rollercoaster. Fill your mind with the wildest imaginations and possibilities while going up and down the wooden tracks while hearing the shrieking of the wood and the metal wheels on tracks. Enjoy this ride with "just" a length of 1,715 meters and with a speed of 102 km/hr.

1. From Nagoya, take the nagoya Expressway/Higashi-Meihan Expressway through the Nagashima IC then take the regular roas which takes 30 minutes approximately. You can also take the route from Nagoya Expressway/Isewangan Expressway through the Wangan Nagashima IC.
2. From Meitetsu Nagoya Bus Center, ride the bus going to Nagashima Resort with a stop at Nabana No Sato. Get off at Nagashima Resort. The ride takes approximately 50 minutes from the bus center and 20 minutes from Nabana No Sato.

*Visit Nagashima Spaland homepage for more information.
**Prices may subeject to change without prior notice.

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