26 Things I Learned of Being 26

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hello guys! Do you still remember me? I guess it's been almost a year since my last post in this baby of mine. Sorry for that very loooonnnggg hiatus! But, don't 'cha worry here I am alive again to share to you guys my updates and travels the past year and these upcoming days. I hope I can stand on this promise. I guess I can now, now that I switch from a blogspot.com website to www.jenponix.info. Yes! I just bought a .info domain. I hope I can maintain this blog to give you my share of my photos and travels. I hope you will still be kind to me.

So for my comeback post, here is my 26 insights I learned of being a 26 year old gal. This might be a little late for a birthday post but it's better late than never, right? I turned 26 last 2015 but sorry if I just posted it now. I wrote this on a random day where my brain's northern hemisphere is working. So without further adieu, here's the list.

1. It is necessary to sweat. Without sweating once in a while will make you feel tired and your ageing body tends to feel weak and will basically make you sick. Walk, jog or run a mile. Exercise. Especially during those cold days when all you want to do is lay in your bed all day.
2. Metabolism is not anymore like when you're in your teens. Yes, it is true. during those teenage days, I may eat when and what I like but now that I passed the quarter of my life (if I live a 100 years), my digestion is slower compared to those days. That's why I must learn to exercise the balanced diet.
3. You're not getting any younger. And that's a fact. Do what you wanna do. YOLO-ing with a purpose.
4. Your brain thinks and handles so many things it makes you sick. It makes you crazy sometimes.
5. Having so many plans yet don't know where to start. I guess PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES.
6. Travel as much as you could. But hoping to finance it easily. LOL. Looking for sponsors, anyone?
7. Quality over quantity. Less is more. It may be about your clothes, friends, people around you.
8. Spend time with your parents. We don't know when will we return our borrowed time to Him.
9. You will have that one person whom you call your best friend at the same time your boyfriend. The boyfriend/best friend until the end. Met him a long time ago, by the way. My first and hoping to be my last. #kiligtothemax
10. It is better late than never. Not only for this blog but for everything in life. Even change of attitudes and lifestyle will never be too late.
11. Everything should be noted. I am not good in memorizing so I should write everything for future purposes.
12. Always smile or have a reason for you to smile. For everyone who don't, for everyone who can't and most especially for yourself. Negativity is a no no...
13. Consider living independently. We will get there...
14. Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone is doing it for you so better not add up. Everyone is different and original. Also, we cannot please everyone, right?
15. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. Your ageing skin will thank you for that.
16. Sort things up. It might be your things in the closet, bag, essentials and even your plans in life.
17. Dress based on your age. This is not anymore the age where you can dress what you want and make it look good on you. (Though there are some that are good at fashion.)
18. Focus on one thing at a time. Because if not, look at #4.
19. Be loyal. Dogs might seem the only loyal living things now, but how about changing that? I guess people can be loyal too. Starting from yourself. Then to your lover. Stay loyal by not flirting with the opposite sex.
20. Take time to spend a day with yourself. Make it a habit. Once or twice a month will be great.
21. Overthinking can kill you. 
22. It's a good decision to stay in classic style. May it be in your outfit ideas, home decors. It will run a long way.
23. Expectation and reality are always different. 

24. It is alright to be lazy sometimes. When all you want to do is lay on bed all day long without doing anything. (insert The Lazy Song here...)
25. Choose wisely. Might be your decisions, wants, or even your choice of president.
26. Self-improvement is important than money rewards. Why do it overtime when you can do it on time. For money? Well, okay that's you and not me. If it's not necessary to do it over time, I will do it on time. Period.

There you go, my insights up to this day! 26 or not, what are your insights by the way? Let me know below.

PS: See you on my next posts about my last year's travels and on the side trips. 

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