Walking Around JR Nagoya Station

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It was a day from work and without hesitation and sleep, I decided to have some walk around JR Nagoya station before having some sleep. It was a sunny but chilly day, so after wrapping myself against the cold winds, prepared my trust-y hand-y dand-y camera, off I went.

Nagoya station is the heart of all stations in the Tokai region. It has the Shinkansen line to bring you to almost far places from Nagoya (i.e., Tokyo, Osaka) in a way faster than the other lines but of course for a cost, JR line, Meitetsu line which brings you to Chubu International Airport, Aonami line to bring you to the Immigration in Chubu, Kintetsu line and subways that go to different areas around Nagoya. (Correct me if I am wrong or there are other lines not mentioned above.)
 Above are the JR line and Shinkansen line ticket booths. Despite the busy area where people come and go, arrive and depart, I was able to capture these photos.
 This is the Silver Clock, which is one of the meeting places of people waiting for their companions riding the Shinkansen and you will be passing this certain place going to the Aonami line. There is a McDo foodchain nearby. Also, there`s an underground mall too, called Esca mall.
On the other side of the station, located is the JR Takashimaya, a store for all your luxury, a store for all adult buyers and for all "jeunesse dorĂ©e". You don`t know the meaning? You better google it. I just learned it just  a while ago before typing this post. It`s a B2F-13th floor store building, from gourmet to shopping to restaurants to bookstores and coffee shops and on the 51st floor is the panorama salon where you can see the panorama of the city. (I wasn`t been there...) Outside JR Takashimaya is the Golden Clock where almost everyday is jam-packed of people waiting for their friends, lovers, family members, clients, buyers, sellers, name as you want. Hindi nauubusan ng tao! Pati sa taas!
 Expected from the heart of a city are tall buildings, though far from Tokyo`s building, I guess. (I haven`t been to Tokyo, also.) The nearest hotel from the station is the Marriott Nagoya Associa Hotel.
Nana-chan! Meitetsu`s geinojin! LOL... She is infront of Meitetsu Bus Center and one of the most popular meeting place around Nagoya station.
And because I am sleepy during this photos were taken and also at this moment, before going to sleep, I am finishing this post with the buildings and nearby train lines around JR Nagoya station. Nearby train lines are the Meitesu and Kintetsu lines. There`s also a TGIFridays in front of the Meitetsu line. Also, the Nagoya`s Bic Camera is located just outside the station. This is where almost computer, camera, and electronic brands are sold in a reasonable price. 

There are still hidden places around Nagoya like their unending subway malls where 1 day is not enough for shopping and eating. So, it`s time to pack those bags and head along this city and experience by yourself the gems it offers. Just leave comments and questions. They are appreciated and will be answered in my most knowledgable way. Good night for now and talk to you soon.

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