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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Long time, no post, noh?!? I`ve been missing in action these past few days and I am sorry for that. So here I am posting in a Valentine`s day with not so Valentine appropriate post. So for a Valentine post expectant readers, sorry if I can`t give you something Valentines theme  and I hope you are going to like my post for now.

For today`s post, I am going to share to you my must have items during short-haul flights or when I am traveling. I just been into short-haul flights, I guess. My maximum flight hour experienced was 4 hours so I still don`t experience a long-haul flight. When I travel or out into an adventure, I make sure to pack light. During my first time traveling, I was overwhelmed and was into like "bring the house" kind of traveler and that`s when I realized I don`t need everything during traveling. I realized I don`t need all those clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, etc. And that`s how I learned to travel and pack light. I learned what to do, dont`s in preparing for every travel. Because of this, I was able to travel 4 countries for 2 weeks with just a 35 liter carry-on backpack, no check-in bags and the like. Also, traveling wise can save you bucks. Soon, I am going to share to you how did I do it so stay tune for it. For now, I am going to share to you what I usually brings when I travel with a check-in luggage and with a carry-on.
In preparing for your incoming travel, of course there are things you should prepare. Before preparing those things you should bring with you, first you must, of course...

Ticket Reservation. Of course! How can you not travel without any transportation reservations? May it be land, sea or air, you should need those reservations. After looking out for those ticket sales going to your destination, it`s now time to hit that Confirm button. Did you know that it`s in Tuesdays, 3pm onwards that airlines sell the cheapest tickets or announce ticket sales? Also, reserve tickets that needs reservation before entering an establishment or a restaurant. You can save your time and sometimes a few bucks when you reserve ahead of time.
Travel Documents. It may be  a tourist visa or a transit visa, everything should be in place before anything else. Is your passport have a 6-month validity before the expiraation date? Almost every country requires a traveler this validity period upon embarkation. Insurances? Personal Identications? Get everything ready before the day of your travel.
Accomodation. Also reserve first your accomodation during your stay in that certain place/country.  It might be a luxury hotel, a cheap hostel or even a backpacker`s inn. During my travels, I prefer those cheap hostels or the backpacker`s style since I am always out during my trips. Accomodation serves as my place for sleeping and taking a shower.
Preparing and Packing. This is the most exciting part for me. I love packing for trips because I can feel the vibe that the day of my trip is coming. I guess every traveler has their own set of travel must-haves in their carry-ons.  Here are my must-haves.
1. Tablet. I bring along my Sony Experia tablet for those boring times during layovers/connections or during the flight. But because I always seek sleep during flights, I frequently use this one because I end up always sleeping even in those economy seats.
2. Camera Strap/Protector. I now use Miggo Camera Strap and protector for mirrorless cameras in order to not just beautify but for the protection needed by my baby and partner druring trips.
3. Earphones for times when there are 14 babies in your flight. Also can be used to listen to msic to soothe your mind and soul even when in high altitude.
4. Wallet to secure my moolahs.
5. Carry-on backpack. I usually use backpack for convenience. I put my carry-on items in this bag with some extra clothes for emergency purposes. I always try to just have a light, one bag carry-on.
6. Check-in luggage. This is where everything are in. From clothes to underwears to shoes to accessories to cosmetics, all are there, kept safe.
7. Sunglasses to hide those undereye circles throughout the flight. Also, to protect the eyes from the glistening rays of the sun especially those in the window seats.
8. Comfy sneakers paired with comfy, casual outfit to easily roam and run the airport. A sneaker like this one can  match any outfit, I guess. Plus, I am a sneaker fanatic, if you might not know. FYI, I am currently lusting for an Adidas Stan Smith or Adidas Superstar.
9. iPhone for those sudden picture perfect moments. And to store my pictures from my camera for social media purposes. Instagram and Twitter all (@jenponix).
10. Camera. I currently love my mirrorless Sony NEX 5TL. Light but works as a DSLR. Right for my travels needs. It also has a WIFI capability where I can transfer my photos directly to my iPhone and tablet for easy sharing of those priceless moments.
11. Schedule book/notebook to get along with my schedules for the day. I tend to forget things, birthdays, special occasions so it`s a must for me while traveling.
12. Empty water bottle. Water hundred of meters above sea level can be a little bit expensive  so I bring along empty water bottle and just put water after clearing all those inspection gates in order to save money.
13. Travel documents organizer. A filer for your passport,boarding passes, reservations, and other travel documents is a great idea to not lose every single document you need. Just be careful to not lose the organizer, you can lose EVERYTHING!
14. Snack bars. Again, it can be a little expensive up there. At least I have something to munch on when I am awake and still not arriving yet in my destination.
15. Lip balm for those chapped and cracked lips due to low humidity inside commercial airplanes. My lips crack easily.
16. Scarf. Not just my favorite neck accessory but it also serves a warmer during cold flights.
Now, we assume you have already prepared everything and departed then arrived in the airport of your destination, what`s next? Of course, go out at the airport and head to your accomodation, right? But, how?
Airport car rentals. Yes, I know, you can ride taxis queuing in the airport, ride the subway or the bus to get you to the city but did you know or you might know there are airport car rentals also available to fetch you and drive you to your hotel accomodation with a price. You can select the type of car you will ride on and feel like a celebrity riding those cars. After a tiring flight for hours, how about a relaxing ride before sleeping in those soft sheets of your hotel room? I bumped into this site called RelayRides where they are offering cheap airport car rentals than the usual to fetch you to and from the airport during your arrival and return. They also available everywhere in you community to be your service during your whole stay. But sadly, they are only operating in the US so I cannot still try their service. Hoping, soon, when I get the chance to travel in the US of A, I will try their service at least once. But I hope not only just once. So for my readers traveling to the states of America, they are everywhere in the US, so you might want to check and try this airport rental cars to drive for your convenience.

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