Unplanned Visit To Nagoya Castle

Friday, May 8, 2015

It was Golden Week here in Japan last week. Since I can't enjoy the holiday due to work, I went outside together with the sister one afternoon during my usual day off. Without planning where to go, we decided as fast as we can where to go near the area. I wasn't able to visit the famous castle of Nagoya since I've been here and the sister also, it was decided then. Nagoya castle, here we go!

From Nagoya, take the Higashiyama line to Sakae and change trains to the Meijo line and drop at Shiyakusho station and exit and at Exit 7. Upon exiting, just a small walk and you're right there.

The place is open 10:00-16:30 amd the last admission is 16:00. We arrived at the place 15:00 so we only have a hour and a half to tour the area, we should be fast and hurry to climb the 7 floors of the castle.

The admission fee is 500JPY for adults. We were welcomed by this person and took a photo with him. Then move on to the castle. There's no so much picture in here since I wasn't able again to bring my camera and since I was not in the mood to take pictures with the iPhone6, I was only able to shoot these pictures. We will be back soon to share more good pictures. For now, please be patient and I hope you will still enjoy these unjustice pictures.

Project 17 of 365: Sakura Hanami 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 Inspirational Travel Quotes

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Project 16 of 365: Throwback Thursday Photos

Thursday, February 26, 2015

"The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up."
"It's a plane, it's Superman, no, it's an eagle kite!" 

Walking Around JR Nagoya Station

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It was a day from work and without hesitation and sleep, I decided to have some walk around JR Nagoya station before having some sleep. It was a sunny but chilly day, so after wrapping myself against the cold winds, prepared my trust-y hand-y dand-y camera, off I went.

Nagoya station is the heart of all stations in the Tokai region. It has the Shinkansen line to bring you to almost far places from Nagoya (i.e., Tokyo, Osaka) in a way faster than the other lines but of course for a cost, JR line, Meitetsu line which brings you to Chubu International Airport, Aonami line to bring you to the Immigration in Chubu, Kintetsu line and subways that go to different areas around Nagoya. (Correct me if I am wrong or there are other lines not mentioned above.)
 Above are the JR line and Shinkansen line ticket booths. Despite the busy area where people come and go, arrive and depart, I was able to capture these photos.

Travel Must-Haves and To-do`s ala Jenponix

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Long time, no post, noh?!? I`ve been missing in action these past few days and I am sorry for that. So here I am posting in a Valentine`s day with not so Valentine appropriate post. So for a Valentine post expectant readers, sorry if I can`t give you something Valentines theme  and I hope you are going to like my post for now.

For today`s post, I am going to share to you my must have items during short-haul flights or when I am traveling. I just been into short-haul flights, I guess. My maximum flight hour experienced was 4 hours so I still don`t experience a long-haul flight. When I travel or out into an adventure, I make sure to pack light. During my first time traveling, I was overwhelmed and was into like "bring the house" kind of traveler and that`s when I realized I don`t need everything during traveling. I realized I don`t need all those clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries, etc. And that`s how I learned to travel and pack light. I learned what to do, dont`s in preparing for every travel. Because of this, I was able to travel 4 countries for 2 weeks with just a 35 liter carry-on backpack, no check-in bags and the like. Also, traveling wise can save you bucks. Soon, I am going to share to you how did I do it so stay tune for it. For now, I am going to share to you what I usually brings when I travel with a check-in luggage and with a carry-on.
In preparing for your incoming travel, of course there are things you should prepare. Before preparing those things you should bring with you, first you must, of course...