Meiji Architecture in Meiji Mura

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meiji era is a Japanese period wherein they opened their doors to the outside world and laid foundation from Western culture and technology to become a modern Japan. In this era, not just culture and technology was influenced but as well as architecture. From the building's designs and styles, techniques and materials, the country was influenced by the Western architecture. And to show these buildings that was unfortunately destructed by massive earthquakes, some important/known people in Japan cooperated and together they established an open-air museum/village and reconstructed these buildings as to their original appearance to showcase to the new generation the beauty of the Meiji period's architecture.

And for an architecture aficionado like me, this place is a must visit. So let's enter our DIY time machine and for 1,700JPY*, let's go back and get lost in Meiji era through their amazing architectures.