Skycycle And Skyrider Experience

Monday, March 31, 2014

Without further adieu, here's the continuation of our family day in Eden Nature Park and Resort. For the first part, you can view it HERE. After we fed our pets in our tummies, we tried the most known ride in Eden, the Indiana Jones. Just hold on in a rope and you're in for the ride of your life. I didn't mean to scare you but yes, it's one of the must-ride ride when you come to Eden. After enjoying the free ride, we went across the entrance of  Eden Nature Park and Resort to get to the location of the newest attraction in the place, the Skycycle and also to try also the Skyrider. It will cost you 200Php for each ride but if you will get the Combo package which includes the 2 rides, that will be 300Php, you can save a 100Php, so better go for the combo package. I recommend it. Trust me. LOL. By the way, you can also try horse riding here for a price. 

Family Day At Eden Nature Park and Resort

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Homecoming is not complete without spending a day with the fambam! A day with the parentals and sibs was a day worth remembering. For this special day, we spent the day at the cold mountains of Eden Nature Park and Resort. It's been the first time of the parentals including myself so I've been looking forward to this day expecting picturesque landscapes and happy photos of the whole family which didn't disappointed me. A good place to enjoy with the family with serenity and to have some R&R.
Upon arrival, there's no need to pay for an entrance fee. Just choose between a lunch buffet or snack bar and pay 120Php for a guided shuttle tour to tour you around the place. By the way, you can also walk/hike if you're in the mood. Also, they have huts, cottages for rent if you want to stay for a day or two in the resort. As for us, we chose the lunch buffet since we arrived early afternoon so after the tour it would be definitely lunch time. There are 3 stops in the tour where you can have some walk around the area and take lots of pictures if you want.

Time Travel From Davao To History

Friday, March 28, 2014

For the first entry out of those 11 drafts (if you follow me in Instagram, you'll know...), let's have some visit in one of the prominent heritage house in Davao City. The Oboza Heritage House located at Rizal St., Davao City, Philippines. On the second floor is Claudes' Le Cafe De Ville, a French fine dining restaurant and on the first floor is Cellar de Oboza, a Spanish restaurant which we had our lunch sponsored by a new found friend which is a mutual friend of a friend of ours. Ano na daw???LOL...Basta ang liit ng mundo, yon na yon. 

Ate lunch in Cellar de Oboza with the cousin and the new found friend, enjoyed sharing life's experiences, plans, etc. Parang ang tagal lang nag-meet. LOL...After filling our stomach with good food and good talk, we had some tour with our guide, Marie Oboza. From outside to inside of the house, there's a story from an Oboza family member. How great is that?! We saw Mister Claude that day but found him busy so until the next day, hence the photo below with him during my sister's wedding reception. And of course, what is a tour if no photo documents right?!? So will share some photos with you below and enjoy!