Singapore in Less Than 72 Hours

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello November! October is now over and I just finished my Hongkong posts. This means, November is for my SG-BALI-KL posts. I am starting on my drafts, and to kick start my November travel posts, here's my Singapore in less than 2 days. Beware, this post will be bombarded by photos. Enjoy!

Arrived almost midnight in Changi Airport so headed directly to our accomodation in Rucksack 2 Inn located in Hongkong street. Went to bed and had some rest for the next's day itinerary. In the next day, by MRT, we went to Singapore Botanical Gardens during the half of the day. Then went to the infamous Merlion statue and looking from a far, the Marina Bay Sands hotel and then to Chinatown for some souvenir shopping and to eat some good but cheap find foods. Went back to the inn and waited until it got dark to see Singapore in lights, especially the Marina Bay Sands hotel and its dancing lights. It was such a beauty! Walking along the path leads us to Makansutra Gluttons Bay where I had some cold drinks before going and ride the Singapore Flyer where you can view Singapore in high altitude for 33SGD. After riding the flyer, going to the Gardens by the Bay was on the plan but got cancelled so it's time to go home and prepare for tomorrow's flight bound to BALI! For the last day, we went out to eat some Haianese chicken rice of Tian Tian. It was good and delicious by the way! After feeding our tummy pets, it's time to head to the airport and say bye-bye for now SG. As what I always say, "there will always be a reason to come back!". So Singapore, see you soon!

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