Monkey Forest in Ubud

Friday, November 21, 2014

Here we go again! Let`s have some pitstop at Ubud`s Monkey Forest.  This is a forest wherein you can encounter countless monkeys for 30,000IDR.  Let`s buy our tickets and enter the...

The place is home for these nice and naughty monkeys. Please be aware, when entering do not bring or hide any foods from them. They will come out from no where and may attack you without notice. But please, don`t panic when this happpen. Also, be careful  when you are to touch them, they may bite you.
Inside, some forest`s staffs sell monkey`s food (bananas) for some amount, I guess for 150,000IDR and you may take a picture while they are climbing up getting the food from you.
There are also some monkeys who better stay quiet in one place than to play with the tourists like this one above. How cute is he right?!?
Along the forest, we met a staff with some monkeys around him and asked him if at least one can climb up in me without giving food. Fortunately, above picture happened. So lucky, right? Glad it didn`t bite me. How cute is the picture with my "kalahi"? LOL. We also asked the staff if he can take a picture of us like below. It`s the least decent picture out of 3 takes.
And one more time before going home.... I told you, just don`t panic and he will be nice to you. Though some of them are naughty in nature.
We also enter a Temple Run look-alike and in here, there is a spring where you can dip your feet and relax from all the walking inside the forest. 

That`s all for the Monkey Forest in Ubud. Would like to go back. Also, there are so many spots there I wasn`t able to go to but will surely go back and will go there. Bali is not just about the beach. There are still many great and good places more than the beach. Bring me back to Bali please?!?  

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