Malaysia, Truly Asia!

Monday, November 24, 2014

After all those Bali, Indonesia posts, let`s head ourselves to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur! From Denpasar, I flew via Malaysia Airlines. Arrived at the beautiful KLIA in the afternoon. Went to the airport`s foreign exchange and had my remaining rupiahs and some yen in exchange for ringgits.  To get to the center, there are many ways to get to. There are buses, taxis and express train. I chose the KLIA express train to get to KL Seentral and transfer to monorail line to get to Bukit Bintang for my booked accomodation (Al Jafs Hotel) via
It`s been raining cats and dogs since I arrived so I rest for a while and waited until the rain stop. Went out and have some light dinner and walked around Bukit Bintang station. Nearby are the Lot10 department store, Pavilion mall, Times Square and Sephora. After checking these stores, went back to the hotel for some needed rest for tomorrow`s long itinerary. I had only 2 nights and a whole day in Malaysia before going home in the Philippines. So, after planning my next day`s itinerary, had some hot bath and went to sleep.

After many snoozes of the alarm clock, decided to wake up and take a bath, ate breakfast (hotel have free breakfast), toothbrushed and ready my self to enjoy the day. First on the itinerary is the Batu Caves. From Bukit Bintang station, ride the monorail to KL Sentral and from there, transfer trains going to Batu Caves. It is the last stop.
Batu Caves is a very large cave wherein many Hindus usually visit and pray. Before getting into the cave, you must first climb hundred of steps. Beside on it is a giant golden Hindu statue. I was dissappointed when I reached the top  and got inside because I saw many stalls where they sell souvenir items. I guess the purpose of the place is not remain holy because of these money makers. Well, I can`t blame them also. It`s their way of living.
After climbing up and going down the Batu Caves, I went back to KL Sentral and went to Merdaca square for 10MYR by a budget taxi located in KL Sentral station. It was so hot that time that after witnessing the beauty of the place, I went to KL City Gallery which is beside the Merdaca Square. For 5MYR, I was able to see miniature Kuala Lumpur where they had some show in a dark room. This 5MYR can be redeemed in their souvenir gallery. This is where I was able to buy good quality souvenir tshirts for the family. It was past 12pm I guess when I went out the gallery and since Central Market  is just a walking distance from Merdaca Square, while looking at my map (yes, alone and it is my first time in KL, so I always had my map with me which I got from the front desk and just relied on it and in my instincts), I was able to arrived in Central Market where I ate my full lunch at their food court and had some last souvenir shopping. There are so many items to choose from. I better recommend this place for shopping cheap but good souvenir items. Just when I am about to go out, it rained.What an unlucky day, I guess. So, via a metered taxi, went back to KL Sentral station and then to Bukit Bintang via monorail and rest at the hotel while waiting for 4pm as I am going to the second and the last spot in my itinerary.
Yes! You`ve got it! Of course, Malaysia would not be complete if you haven`t visited these 2 towers. The Menara Tower and the Petronas Tower. Bothe deserved a thumbs up! I wasn`t able to go up the tower since I an waiting for someone to join me at the top in the near future! LOL. It would be perfect, right?!? #kiligtothemax 

And there you go! My Malaysia, truly Asia`s whole day itinerary. So little time right?!? Don`t worry, just like what I said, there are so many reasons why I should go back to a place I`ve been. Hopefully, the sooner the better. And that`s it for my SG-BALI-KL adventure.But wait, watch out where I`ve been to for my detour before going home in Davao City and what I did there. Excited to share it with you guys! Hang on! Talk to me in the comment box below...

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