Kuta-Bali, Indonesia

Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Lion City, let's fly to Bali, Indonesia via Tiger Air! Arrived early in the afternoon so by airport taxi, we went to our hotel for 2 nights. We stayed at Pop Hotels in Kuta. Kuta is such a crowded area in Bali. So many tourists and a much more lively during the sun sets down.  So many clubs for party goers, restaurants for authentic Balinese foods, and stores for souvenir shopping. And not only that, they have great architecture. Very delicate and detailed architecture. So awesome for the field of architecture. Balineses has really a taste for this thing.

Indonesia would not be complete if you will not try their famous cuisine. The Nasi Goreng. It's a fried rice top with a fried egg and with some vegetables, chicken satay, and some chicharon for side dishes. YUMMMM!!!!
This might look gross but just for some information, there are so many of these in Bali as a souvenir item. Different sizes, styles, and even colors. Funny but true. People been to Bali will surelly testify for this fact.
Also, it is in Kuta where the 2002 Bali bombing takes place. They build a memorial site where the bombing takes place that killed 202 people (including Australians, Indonesians, British, Ameriicans, et.al.), which is now become a tourist spot when you are in Kuta. This time, they are commemorating the 12th anniversary of the event.
Not only in Bali, but I think all over Indonesia, motorcycle is their everyday means of transportation, so almost everyone knows how to ride one. They offer for rent motorcycles for tourist. So many that it occupies almost the space in the streets of Bali. You can also ride a something like "kalesa".
Also, when you are in Kuta, you must not miss the the waves and surfers surfing in Kuta beach. This is also a place for some beach bod watching. Hahaha.... Just half joking.... Hinalf pa talaga... In here, you can also watch as the sun sets down while watching those surfers and skimboarders.

Will surely go back in Kuta for some clubbing in one of those fancy restaurants and I might discover my talent in surfing?? What 'yah think? Wanna go back with me???  

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