Food Tripping in Cebu

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well, hello there! Yes! My detour is in Cebu. From Kuala Lumpur, I flew with Air Asia to Cebu and stay there for almost 24 hours. Arrived almost 3pm and met with a co-teacher to stay at her place. Also, the reason for a little stopover at the Queen City of  the South is a little food tripping. 

1. For dinner, we have some buffet at Grand Majestic located in Grand Convention Center. For dinner buffet, 599Php per head is inclusive of drinks. The restaurant has different kinds of food to choose from. From salads to main courses to dimsums to desserts, every kind has it.  

2. After a full stomach, we went to Tomo`s Cafe for some caffeine intake. This is a maid/butler cafe where the staffs are dressed in maid/butler costumes while serving the customers.Unfortunately, the staffs where not dressed when we came since they are closing early that night. But we were still able to enter the cafe until the cafe`s closing time. This time, the cafe`s interrrior is in halloween theme with all the anime, Japan theme around the cafe.
3. The next day, before going to the airport for my 5:30pm flight, we went to La Vie Parisienne for some lunch. I wasn`t able to visit this place during my first visit in Cebu last March that`s why I can`t miss this one this time. It`s a picture-perfect place during the day, but I guess it`s better during the night because of the illumination of those cherry blossom like trees. Just took pictures inside the wine cellar.
4. Last place I checked was another maid/butler themed cafe. It`s called Co`s Cafe. Great interior and this time, I was able to see them in costume. One thing I just don`t like is the sweetness of their coffee. It`s sooooo verrrryy sweet I can`t drink all of it. Maybe at least half of it. 
That`s all about my food trip in Cebu. Have you been to one of these places? Any recommendations for my next visit in the Queen City of the South? 

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