Hongkong It Is!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello from me! I hope you still remember this alien who is hibernating for almost 2 months. Sorry for not keeping you updated in ze blog. But you can follow me on Instagram(@jenponix) and Twitter(@jenponix) to be updated once in a while. Well, I have some news for you guys! I am now offficially one of those unemployed. Just resigned in my job and now still enjoying the feeling. Despite of being idle, why I can`t find time blogging my current adventure? So here I am moving those lazy bones, opening my Blogger account and writing my first of many posts about my latest travel; HONGKONG!

I used my remaining paid holidays from my previous work and decided to flew to Hongkong by myself and met with friends in Hongkong. Flying with Peach Air via Kansai International airport in Osaka for 28,000JPY round-trip. Arrived in Hongkong almost noon, bought myself Octopus card for 150HKD to be used in Airport Express and MTR the whole duration of our stay. Rode the Airport Express to downtown Hongkong for 100HKD. 50HKD in your Octopus card is some kind of deposit to be refunded when you return the card upon leaving Hongkong.

We checked ourselves in European hostel located inside Chungking mansions for 2840HKD for 5 nights(family room) and 280HKD for a night(single room) via Booking.com. If you want cheap accomodations, better check out the hostels in Chungking mansions. It might not be as nice and great as the hotels, but for us, since we were out all the time and we`re just inside to sleep and take a bath, the accomodation we chose was okay with us. But just be aware of the strangers around the area offering accomodations and other services. Almost all of them are Indian and the area smells Indian curry and cuisines.
Since I am the first to arrive in the area, I was the one who checked-in for us. Took some bath (free towel and toiletries), got ready to have some walk around Tsim Sha Tsui since the others are arriving around 9PM(HK time). All you can see around Hongkong are tall buildings, shops for cosmetics, fashion and branded ones. For tourists are so many, you cannot define who are locals and aliens. But almost everyone walking along the streets were tourists. Went to Avenue of the Stars (free of charge) and the old Clock Tower located along the harbor of TST. From the harbor, you can see the panorama of the buildings along the Central area.
Getting tired of all the walking and because of the afternoon heat, I went back to the hostel and decided to sleep while waiting for the others to arrive. When the others arrived by pass 9PM, rested for a while and we went outside for some walk before hitting the sack and got ready for the next`s day adventure. Walked along the The Peninsula hotel, Heritage mall and along the harbor to watch the Central area during night.
Chungking Mansions: From Tsim Sha Tsui station, C1 exit, walk for 1 minute.
Avenue of the Stars: From Tsim Sha Tsui station, J4 exit, walk for 2 minutes.
Clock Tower: From Tsim Sha Tsui station, J4 exit, walk for 5 minutes.
The Peninsula: From Tsim Sha Tsui station, J6 exit.
The Heritage: From Tsim Sha Tsui station, L5 exit, walk for 2 minutes.

That`s it for now. Stay tuned for our Ngong Ping and Disneyland Hongkong in the next days. Will try to blog it ASAP! See you!

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