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Thursday, June 5, 2014

HHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! How's everyone here?!? Sorry for being a very bad blogger. I hope you didn't abandon me for being away for almost a month, based on my last post. Yah, I know I haven't posted any during the period of May but here I am again to share you some museum trip I had last May. Sorry for the delayed post. OMG! I don't know what to say here, since it's been a while. Been very lazy lately but to make this post a little bit shorter, here are some photos to tell you the story.

Went to a museum trip with the sister, cousins and big girl niece. Went to an aerospace museum on a Sunday around the area after listening to the words of God and had some lunch. So, when you say aerospace, I guess you know it's all about those big birds we fly with those big engines operating them. In this aerospace museum, you can see of course the history of airplanes, Japan's warships during the WWII, I guess, spaceships, and even Japan's some airlines during the earlier times and many more.
This one is a miniature of the Wright brothers who discover the first flying plane.
How about having this kind of wide leg area and seat in an economy class? Would that be a better place to stay during your stay above the skies?
By the way, that helicopter is made of wood. Plywood, I guess. Amazing right???
What a sky warrior wears during those war times. (Hey, captain. Copy. Roger that. Aim. Fire!)
Now, can you see me? Just imagine how big is that plane!

Welcome on board! "In preparation for takeoff, please ensure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright and stowed positions, your seat belts are securely fastened and all your carry-on items are securely stowed. Federal Aviation Regulations require customers to comply with the lighted customer information signs, other posted signs and crew member instructions. Please observe the fasten seat belt and other lighted signs until they have been turned by the captain. The no smoking sign will remain illuminated for the duration of the flight and smoking is prohibited throughout the cabin and in the lavatories. All lavatories are equipped with smoke detection systems and Federal Law prohibits tampering with, disabling, or destroying these systems." In behalf of the cabin crew, this is Jenponix speaking.

PS: "..." from Photos are shot by the sister's iPhone5s.

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