Taoist Temple Cebu, Philippines

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's now the start of our overnight Cebu adventure posts. To kick it off, let's start in Taoist Temple, one of the places to go in the itinerary. After meeting my student in the airport, we had lunch in one of Cebu's famous lechon restaurant, Zubuchon. Taoist temple is located inside Beverly Hills subdivision. Under the heat of the sun, we just walked and almost dead upon arrival. LOL. But again refreshed by the wind breezing all over us. Since the temple is in high altitude, definitely, strong wind is present. Taoist temple by the way has no entrance fee so one of the recommended places in Cebu if you want to save. 

Photography is prohibited inside the temple. We tried this question-and-answer thingy in Chinese tradition/religion but I had no luck because when I asked if He will permit me to ask Him questions, a "NO" sign agad-agad ang binigay. Well, maybe I should go back here next time to ask again Him questions.
They also have this wishing place where you got to wish for something and then throw some coins and if you will be able to shoot it in one of the clay jars, there's a saying that wish will come true at the right place and at the right time. Well, let's just see if the omen is right since I was able to shoot mine in one of those clay jars! *cross fingers*

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