Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu, Philippines

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cebu is not only for history lovers but for people who crave for extreme adventures too. In Cebu, they have this Sky Experience Adventure located in Crown Regency Hotel and Towers for adventurous persons to experience while on the city. As I am one of those persons, I encouraged le boyfriend and my once a student to join me in this once in a lifetime adventure. They didn't failed me and they joined me to this adventure. We got the Combo 3 for 1800Php per person. If you want to know the rates and schedule you may visit HERE. It may change without prior notice.
We arrived late in the afternoon so expected to experience the thrill during night time where you can see the breath-taking view of the twinkling cityscape at night. We tried first the Skywalk Extreme at the 37th floor of the tower. This is the Philippine's first ever Skywalk Extreme and 4th in the world which gave you the experience of walking in a translucent glass floor with an overhead harness above 126.55 meters above the street.

Second on the line is the 500 feet up in the air, Tower Zip and Sky Lift, the country's first and only urban zip line. This one is not your usual zip line as you will be zipped and will be lifted, respectively. This is one of the approximately 8 seconds in your life that you can say "the best" when you try this kind of adventure. You will be enjoyed while overlooking the city in bird's-eye view.
The last but not the least is the Edge Coaster. This is a unique ride since it is the world's very first and only amusement ride of its kind. This is located in the 38th floor of the building where you are locked in a rail seat and goes around the edge of the tower while controlling the tilt of the coaster up to 55 degrees.
There are still other recreational sports and amenities offered by the hotel so if you have all the time and guts, you can try everything. By the way they also offering buffet lunch or dinner for you to devour after a fun-thrilling adventure. 

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