Project 15 of 365: Centrair Illumination

Saturday, April 19, 2014

These set of photos was the winter illumination of Chubu International Airport (Centrair) during the winter season. This was called Illuminata in Centrair that is available for all to see without any fee during mid-November until late March and located at the sky deck of the airport. I was able to catch it until the last minute when I went to the airport to fetch the sister. This might not big as the Nabana no Sato Illumination but I was glad I've seen an illumination during the winter season. I guess next year it would be great if I can visit the Nabana no Sato Illumination in Nagashima Spaland. Would you join me next year? How about my light bokeh turns out? Is it alright for a beginner? You judge, and comments are appreciated. Have a great Easter Sunday everyone! See you!