Nara, Japan

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello from here! Sorry to keep you waiting but this is now the time I will confess to you my Nara trip with the sister. The place where you can find countless tamed deers, huge temples and some World Heritage sites. If your a big fan of one of these, you better try this place in one of your visits in the Land of the Rising Sun. Started our day by a welcome of bunch of tamed deers waiting for you to feed them for 150JPY. Be careful though because if they saw you holding out their food, a crazy bunch of this creatures will surely gather around you so better get ready with yourself and your camera to capture the moment. I guess a GoPro camera works here. This is although a dreaming girl speaking...LOL... I felt a sense of happiness and contentment while spending with or even just watching them. Next stop is the Todaiji temple wherein inside it are humongous statues of Buddha. The pictures below may not justify its beauty, so the best way to prove is only to visit the place. One of the many places in Nara that you should visit. By the way, there's an entrance fee worth 500JPY.  

And here are our #happypod moments. It maybe in a poor quality so my apologies.
At last! April is now on its end and together on this day is an update of my blog post. All of my draft posts from the time I went home in the Philippines to my 2-day fun-filled trip in the Kansai area are now live and ready to read and enjoy! I hope to have more posts this coming May. Hoping for more adventures, experiences, new learnings and more. Talk to you soon. Have a great holiday on this Labor Day everyone! Keep in mind, every hardworking worker also needs to have R&R sometimes. See you!

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