Fushimi Inari Shrine

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It would be an orange-y post for today. So for chrysophobics out there, you better close that tab right now or maybe, you can scroll down for a bit in case it can help you to conquer that fear. If you ask why this post is an orange-y post, that's because I've been to Fushimi Inari Shrine located in Kyoto, Japan. This place is a shrine where you can climb until the top of Mt. Inari along those toriis (example of a torii is the one you can see on the first photo) line up or until where your feet leads you. This is one of the many tourist spots in Kyoto that foreigners include in their itineraries. One of the recommended places to visit when you're in Kyoto, Japan. Don't ever miss it!

This time, it was my third visit in Kyoto. From Gifu, I traveled by train to meet these two crazy travelers below, and accompanied each other to visit the place. I wasn't briefed that this place is leading to a mountain so it was a hard time climbing until the top since I was not ready by heart and mind. But since, these two were passionate to climb until the top, I should also must climb the top. Kaya ni Jenponix ito! Chos!
Also, here are some of the iPod photos shot with my ever reliable #happypod. Sorry if the photos turned out to be in low quality.
What else are you waiting for?! Let's visit Kyoto in Japan and let's go to this Fushimi Inari Shrine place. By the way, no fee to enter this site. Also, so many things to do and of course eat around the place. One more thing, watch out for my next post where we went after this. If you are following my Twitter HERE or Instagram HERE, you might know where.

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