Blogger's Meet and Greet

Friday, April 11, 2014

To cap off the night while in Cebu, I met with some of the co-bloggers based in Cebu. Had some dinner at Casa Verde, ordered the popular Brian's ribs and devoured it through lots of talking. Kung baga sa mga lalaking andito, parang ang tagal na daw magkakilala e first time pa nga lang nagkita. But, yeah! It really looks like that. LOL. Do you agree Ile and Em? One of the reasons why I went to Cebu is to meet these two girls before coming back to Japan. Maybe because of the much talking, these were only the pictures I've got. Thanks for the time girls! And guys?LOL. See you again and by that time, I'll be there for days. Hoping for that. And that ends my well spent overnight in the Queen City of the South. Next time, will visit again here for new places to discover and new foods to taste. Until next time, Cebu!

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