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Friday, March 28, 2014

For the first entry out of those 11 drafts (if you follow me in Instagram, you'll know...), let's have some visit in one of the prominent heritage house in Davao City. The Oboza Heritage House located at Rizal St., Davao City, Philippines. On the second floor is Claudes' Le Cafe De Ville, a French fine dining restaurant and on the first floor is Cellar de Oboza, a Spanish restaurant which we had our lunch sponsored by a new found friend which is a mutual friend of a friend of ours. Ano na daw???LOL...Basta ang liit ng mundo, yon na yon. 

Ate lunch in Cellar de Oboza with the cousin and the new found friend, enjoyed sharing life's experiences, plans, etc. Parang ang tagal lang nag-meet. LOL...After filling our stomach with good food and good talk, we had some tour with our guide, Marie Oboza. From outside to inside of the house, there's a story from an Oboza family member. How great is that?! We saw Mister Claude that day but found him busy so until the next day, hence the photo below with him during my sister's wedding reception. And of course, what is a tour if no photo documents right?!? So will share some photos with you below and enjoy!

With Marie Oboza, our tour guide, sponsor for that day and our friend from now and forever.
With Mister Claude, the chef and owner of Claudes' Le Cafe De Ville during the wedding reception of my sister.
Ang salarin why I was able to meet a new friend, Marie Oboza, ate like a VIP in Cellar de Oboza and toured the place for free. Indeed, best things in life is free! By the way, I was in cloud 9 eating this Maja Blanca Cheesecake for dessert.

PS: 4th and 5th photos from below were grabbed from Catherine Badinas and Marie Oboza.

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