Skycycle And Skyrider Experience

Monday, March 31, 2014

Without further adieu, here's the continuation of our family day in Eden Nature Park and Resort. For the first part, you can view it HERE. After we fed our pets in our tummies, we tried the most known ride in Eden, the Indiana Jones. Just hold on in a rope and you're in for the ride of your life. I didn't mean to scare you but yes, it's one of the must-ride ride when you come to Eden. After enjoying the free ride, we went across the entrance of  Eden Nature Park and Resort to get to the location of the newest attraction in the place, the Skycycle and also to try also the Skyrider. It will cost you 200Php for each ride but if you will get the Combo package which includes the 2 rides, that will be 300Php, you can save a 100Php, so better go for the combo package. I recommend it. Trust me. LOL. By the way, you can also try horse riding here for a price. 

The parentals were out on this challenge so that would left the 4 of us to cross the challenge to pedal a bicycle above the air so they were left in charge for the photography below. This time was having light shower rains but when were about to cross the, it stopped. How lucky right?!? Jesus really love all of us. And now, we're off for our back 'n forth cycle ride above the air!
 After coming back from the Skycycle, another ride to face is the Skyrider or for a simple interpretation, its a zipline course. I went upside down while trying this course but unfortunately, no good shot was taken. 

So sibs, how was the ride?!? Me, I really enjoyed. And to Kuya Gil, sorry nadamay ka ha. LOL. Andito ka na lang, lubus-lubosin na natin, di ba?!? For those who rode the Skycycle and Skyrider, how was your ride? I also want to know. And for those who still haven't ride it, you must try it when you're in Davao. Only in Eden Nature Park and Resort

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