Family Day At Eden Nature Park and Resort

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Homecoming is not complete without spending a day with the fambam! A day with the parentals and sibs was a day worth remembering. For this special day, we spent the day at the cold mountains of Eden Nature Park and Resort. It's been the first time of the parentals including myself so I've been looking forward to this day expecting picturesque landscapes and happy photos of the whole family which didn't disappointed me. A good place to enjoy with the family with serenity and to have some R&R.
Upon arrival, there's no need to pay for an entrance fee. Just choose between a lunch buffet or snack bar and pay 120Php for a guided shuttle tour to tour you around the place. By the way, you can also walk/hike if you're in the mood. Also, they have huts, cottages for rent if you want to stay for a day or two in the resort. As for us, we chose the lunch buffet since we arrived early afternoon so after the tour it would be definitely lunch time. There are 3 stops in the tour where you can have some walk around the area and take lots of pictures if you want.

First stop is this something like botanical/flower farm where you can see different species of flora. Petunias, daisies, sunflowers, etc., you can find it here.

We also had the chance to show our funny side in the amphitheater area of Eden. By the way, you can have your wedding ceremony here if you want that garden, solemn ceremony on your big day.

For our second stop, we've been in Tinubdan, which is a cultural park/outdoor museum designed to have a glimpse of what we called "lumad" life.

And for our 3rd and last stop, we arrived in Lola's Garden. This is where the famous wishing well with flowers floating on its mouth. Overwhelmed me, I forgot to wish. Sigh. Again, another picturesque view to enjoy with our eyes and with my camera's lens. From here, you're overlooking Davao City and its shorelines.

After the tour, our pets got hungry so its time to divulge the fresh salads, delicious meals in our lunch buffet at Vista Restaurant. FYI, you can have your wedding reception here.

Just entered the Fishing Village to feed our curiosity what's inside. Here, you can rent fishing rods for 40Php and fish. When you catch a fish, take note, it is considered sold or you can ask to cook it for you with a price. 

That's it for now! Part 2 will come up! Still, during this family day in Eden Nature Park and Resort. Stay tuned!

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