Guam, USA - An Escape From Winter Days 3&4

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And now, I'm back with my promised part 2 of our Guam escapade. For our 3rd day, again, as early as 7:30am, we got ready for our pick up time to Alupan Beach Club or as easy as ABC, the biggest marine sports center in Guam. It was a beautiful day for the beach. The sun was pretty out and shedding us with her super hot rays! So good for our chosen activities! We had the combination package for 110$ which includes banana boat, jet ski, parasailing, snorkeling, eat all you can lunch and free use of the beach' amenities. All were first time there. The banana boat ride, driving while standing in a jet ski, watched the coastline of Guam while sitting comfortably while flying with a parachute, and experience snorkeling but since I can't breathe right with the goggles for snorkeling, I patiently enjoyed the beauty below through a swimming goggles. Learned also how to kayak by ourselves. It was a great half day. We returned to the hotel by 3:00pm to have some shower and getting ready for our 5:45pm pick up time for our Tropics BBQ dinner show in Hilton Guam Resort and Spa.

For dinner, we had some eat-all-you-can BBQ fire and dance dinner show for 62$. Since it will be our last dinner in Guam, we decided to at least splurged a bit. Our place was just in front the stage so it was a pretty place for picture taking and watching the show closely. And by the way, I was chosen to participate in a diners participation segment. The show includes some reggae music while eating and before the main show starts. The dinner show was showcasing Polynesian dance with some locals as the dancers. What a nice thing to cap off the 3rd day.
After returning in the hotel, again, we sneaked with my roommate and we went to Underwater World for their Ocean Lounge for 35$. During this time, the one of the world's longest tunnel aquarium will become a something fancy restaurant while enjoying seeing different species of sea creatures in a very thick glass. Upon entering, one will get a free cocktail drink and since we had some coupons to be used during Ocean Lounge, we get a free snack. So no need for more orders. #LOL
As sad as it is, we came to our final day. Spent the last day by giving credit to our body for all the activities for the past 3 days by having some foot massage and body shiatsu for 80$. Though sleepy, we proceeded to Micronesia Mall for some lunch before heading our way to Two Lovers Point, a must see memorable attraction when you're in Guam. As much as I want to tour the mall, I can't, because I don't have enough time to wander around. Because our pick up time in the hotel to the airport is 2:45pm, we should be back before the scheduled time in the hotel by then.
Even though it's sad to leave the place, I was leaved by a very great and once in blue moon experience! I was able to enter the cockpit of the United Airlines and had the opportunity to take a picture where the captain sits and had a picture with the co-pilot plus hand shakes of them. That's all thanks to Mr. Joe of the United Airlines crew. I owe you this experience.Well, being different has also its advantage since everyone flying were Japanese, I stood out! #forreal
And that capped off my 4 day 3 nights in where America's day begins. It was a nice and great travel in the first quarter of the year. Cheers for more travel this year Jenponix!

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