Guam, USA - An Escape From Winter Days 1&2

Monday, February 10, 2014

At last! Here you go! It's been weeks had passed I guess. And now, sharing you the first part of my trip together with some workmates in where America's  day begins, Guam, USA. Departed at 11:30am at Centrair airport and arrived in Guam at around 4:00pm. It was around 5:00pm when we passed the Immigration and claimed our luggage. So many tourist that time. From Japanese to Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese. It was January that time so they also want to escape winter from their own lands. I am also grateful that this company trip was scheduled around January in order to also escape the winter at least for just 4 days. From the airport, we were guided to our hotel; Guam Marriott Resort and Spa. Received our key cards, arranged our things, changed clothes and get ready for dinner. Unfortunately, it was raining hard that time and can't decide where we will eat, though in my mind I have the place I want to eat. But also considering the others, I waited for their options. After some conversation, we decided to eat in Capricciosa I located in Royal Orchid Hotel just across our hotel. But when we get there, it was a long queue of people and it needs a reservation so our first option was failed. Luckily, there were Filipinos there and gave us a ride back 'n forth to one of Tumon's famous steak house; Haruna Steak and Seafood Restaurant. I think it would be a great dining experience if only you don't have negative colleagues (I guess...). Because of the rain, nothing to do so we returned to our hotel and with just my roommate, we decided to have some swim in the pool despite the rain. At least, I have one who is also game in everything while on that trip!

On the second day, it was still raining, woke up early for I was scheduled to be picked up by Skydive Guam. When we got to their headquarters, I was right, it will be cancelled so I was re-scheduled in the afternoon if the weather will get better or the next day. But thanks to Our Almighty, He heard my plead, the weather was getting better in the afternoon so I called again the office so they picked me up together with other first time divers. For my first time experience in skydiving, watch my video HERE. It was almost 5:00pm when I returned to the hotel so without any sleep from a tiring and hilarious experience, I changed into clothes and met with the others for our dinner. Since I haven't any food intake the whole day, when they asked where to eat, "Outback Steakhouse", I uttered without hesitation so we all went. Ordered their famous "Bloomin' Onion" paired with some beer for everyone. 
After a sumptuous dinner, we had some walk around the area and entered ABC Mart for some souvenir shopping and returned to the hotel. But the adventurous side of me and my roommate is still in the mood, so we decided to go out again, just the two of us, rode a taxi, luckily, with a Filipino driver so we got a discount back 'n forth and went back to the center of Guam to enter the Underwater World but unfortunately, it was closed. So we just walk around the shopping center area of Guam instead and rode the terrifying Slingshot, me, wearing a skirt! You can watch how it works HERE. #LOL In general, it was a great 2nd day for the both of us! I don't know about the others. #ThisIsOnlyInMyOwnOpinion 
There you go! That's still the first part. Wait for the second and last part. Forgive me for such a long post. #sorrybutnotsorry

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