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Monday, January 27, 2014

A brrrrrrr night to all of you! Just came back from my trip. As much I wanted to share this post before I left last week, I wasn't able to do it because of some circumstances. But, anyway, here I am sharing you this last trip of last year. Sorry for the delay. This trip was a proof that undecided events has the higher possibilities of getting realized. Been in this place for the first time with a crazy couple. Well, at least I belong. I brought my DSLR that time not even checking it's card memory so I end up having "memory full". Lesson learned: Always check your weapons before going on a battle. You may end up getting dead. In the case of me, I wasn't able to take pictures of the place. But thanks to the boy scout of the group, I was able to grab photos from his camera and was able to share this trip to you, my readers.

Little World is a place wherein you can see and explore traditional houses of different countries and pay to wear some traditional costumes. Upon entering, you can see the Philippine's best: "jeepney" to welcome you. It's been 2 years since the last time I rode it. There's also a museum where you can explore and be educated of how ancient times lives. How they build their houses, hunt their foods, about their cultures and other things a 20th century human must know. After exploring and be amazed of what the museum in store for you, it's time to explore the place starting from Hokkaido, Japan's traditional house to Taiwan's ancestral house going ahead to North America and then to Peru where you can have several chances to wear Peru's traditional costume but of course with a pay. After some photo ops, continuing to our around the world tour, we've been to Indonesia's beautiful temples, Germany, France and Italy then to South Africa's unique huts, to India's red soil and by the way, we stopped by here to eat our late lunch with India's spicy and delicious curry rice and "nan", an Indian bread delicacy which is I recommend for you to eat in an Indian restaurant. We also went to Turkey and Thailand then down to our last and my most awaited stop-over; KOREA! In here, I was so excited to wear "hanbok", a traditional Korean dress. My smile is up to my ears while swaying and dancing with my chosen dress. I hope I can wear this dress to the real South Korea while walking along Nami Island and feel the ambiance being in Endless Love: Winter Sonata drama. LOL.

It was a long day indeed for the three of us. And one thing is for sure, I will definitely go back there soon with all the proper preparations. So here's a photo diary grabbed from Carlo showing our trip around the world in a day.

There you go guys and gals! How was it? At last I finished all my 2013 posts. And from now, stay tuned for my upcoming posts showing my recent trip in Guam, USA. Will try to find some time to create these posts for you to enjoy. So have a nice day ahead of you and be grateful to all things we received.

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