2013 Highlights

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today is the last day of 2013 as we all know. But before all of us gets busy this New Year's Eve, I would like to insert a post highlighting events and travels I've been to this year of the snake. This year might not be the best year ever but as long as I am alive together with the ones I love and love me, it is the best year for me.
SKI EXPERIENCE IN WHITEPIA GIFU, JAPAN - This is first time to go to a ski park and got the chance to try snow skiing. After so many slides, tumbles and rolls, I got to finish the whole course and the reward was a lifetime experience and aches all over the body. Read about my experience and view more photos HERE.

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN IN OSAKA, JAPAN - Been to one of the most enjoyable places on earth and had the 2 best days of my life this year. Will really go back there next year for the Amazing Spiderman 4D and the Harry Potter world. Read my post HERE.

FIRST TIME TO WEAR A JINBEI DURING FIREWORKS DISPLAY - Wore a traditional jinbei for girls this year's summer firework display. Also brought my DSLR for some firework shooting and here's some off my trial-and-error output shots. You can view it HERE.

HAIRCUT AFTER MORE THAN A YEAR - Finally decided to have my hair cut after a year despite of the expensive salon here. For the output, I saw a photo of my idol, Toni Gonzaga, and I guess it's a bit similar. Should I cut my hair this coming 2014?

UKAI IN GIFU, JAPAN - Every year, there's this event that is popular among the people here and it's my second time around joining in it together with our colleagues in work.

MT.HAKU CLIMB IN JAPAN - Been to our 2nd mountain to climb. 1 more to go and we'll have a record in ourselves of climbing the 3 Holy mountains in Japan. Sorry for the wrong year up there. The agency sent us another set of pictures with the right one though. This is a group picture after reaching the summit of Mt. Haku. Read the experience HERE.

FIRST CONCERT ATTENDED - Been to my first ever concert of my life. And guess what, it's the classic boy band Backstreet Boys. Reuniting again for a world tour concert after 10 years! View the concert photos HERE.

UMEDA SKY BUILDING IN OSAKA, JAPAN - Together with an Indonesian friend, we went to Osaka for an American visa interview, roamed around the sky building and have a panoramic view while having snacks.

APPLY/GRANTED AN AMERICAN VISA - Weeks after the interview, received my passport and stamped a 10 year American visa. Looking forward for the first part of 2014 and the right time will come I will told you where I am off to.

JLPT N5 EXAM - Took the Japanese Language Proficiency Exam N5 on first Sunday of Advent this year. I am waiting for the result maybe February 2014 and praying to pass the exam. To know about how I spent my first Sunday of December, click HERE.

24TH BIRTHDAY - This year marks my 24th birthday! 8 more years and I'm kick off in the calendar. To know how I spent my birthday, read more HERE.

HIROSHIMA, JAPAN - Been to one of the many historical places in the world. Went to 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1 day. I can't imagine I've been to this place that I once thought I can only see in history books. Blogpost is still on-going. Watch out for it one of this days.

FIRST MOVIE WATCH IN MALERA GIFU, JAPAN - First time to watch a movie in the Land of the Rising Sun and was able to watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire. My short post HERE.

LITTLE WORLD IN KANI, JAPAN - Toured the different houses around the world. Post is still on-going. Watch out for it next year.

I've had a blast this year but I am hoping to have more blast next year. It would be great, right? So, that's it for now guys! This will be my last post for this year and see you next year for more upcoming posts. So for now,


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