BSB In A World Like This Concert

Sunday, November 3, 2013

This will be my post 53 days before Christmas! How time flies so fast, right?! This event is now celebrating its monthsary, so as a celebration, here I am sharing you this wonderful, first time experience of mine. Last October 3, 2013, I together with 3 fan girls, we went on a concert with the ever popular boy band from the 90's, the Backstreet Boys. They are in a In A World Like This world tour is about them together again after 20 years in the music industry. I was such in awe when I was notified I got a ticket for the show. It's a great experience before this year ends.
The fan girl in us! We're ready for our very first concert and it will be the legendary BSB from 20 years back in time.
Just so amazed with the backlights, stage setting and everything in Nippon Gaishi Hall, the venue for the concert. By the way, we're on the 2nd day of their 2-day concert in Nagoya. FYI: On the first day, October 2, it was Kevin's birthday!
This was their opening number making everyone yell like there's no tomorrow. Of course, including us! LOL. They were singing the "Backstreet back's alright! Alright!" (insert singing me here...)
This time, they're singing their song from the 90's. "Show me the meaning of being lonely..."
It's so funny how this picture turns out. I hope you get what I mean. Well, for those who still don't know what I mean, better figure it out....LOL.
Here is them singing their song with the lyrics "We've gotta goin' up all yeah..." And some little chit-chats that almost all of the Japanese don't understand. I was glad I can understand even a little English. Thanks to my English grade that was PASSED. LOL.
 "Rock your body, yeah eh. Everybody. Backstreet back's alright..." - I so loved their backgrounds! It adds beauty and composition to the pictures taken.
"All you people can't you see, can't you see, how's our love affecting our reality..." - One of their last songs performed upon ending the show. Can we ask for more??? Please???

Well, that's it for my BSB concert experience. So many pictures but these one were I guess the most acceptable pictures I've taken using a digital camera with it's zoom in full mode. I have videos by the way despite of prohibiting everyone to take videos of the show but I'd rather not put it anyway, baka makulong tayo wala sa oras. LOL. If you want to see some of the 15seconds videos I sneaked, just send me via Contact Me below the page. I'm just a byte away. For this experience, all I can say is "sila pala talaga nasa mga pictures, television, etc. Hahaha." They're just a star that's so near yet so far at that time.

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