Saturday, November 23, 2013

Osaka: An urban place where buildings are dominant, people were heading here and there swiftly. But for a Filipino like me, requirement and document matters almost takes place here since it is the most nearest city than Tokyo regarding staying in Japan matters. This month may not be different from what I've mention but this time, the reason for going there was not to get documents or something but to have an interview for a US visa. For the result, just read the one-word title of this post! This idiot just got lucky! LOL. To make most of our time while in Osaka, me and my Indonesian colleague which has the same purpose and result with me, we went to Umeda Building where you can find the Floating Garden Observatory and just roamed around Osaka train station. Going up to highest floor of the building was such a great and amazing experience. Love it! Will not give more details because I want you to experience it without any spoilers. Hehe. I hope you'll love these iPod photos. Good night!

PS: Before this day ends, I would like to greet my awesome among awesome father a golden happy birthday! We always love you to the moon and back. Always take good care of yourself. Hoping you have a nice birthday today. HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY PAPA!

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