Travel Tuesday: Haku-san Climb 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

After all the body aches I've gathered had been completely cured and healed, here I am now sharing to you my mountain climb experience in Mt. Haku before it will expire. LOL.
The climb was a bbbbiiigggg different from Mt. Fuji. The course/route is much harder than Mt. Fuji but has the better shelter to stay in. After of almost 5 or more hours ascending the first part of the course, with all the breaks in between, we finally arrived in our shelter. Much more relax and much more hours to rest before the second league of the course. Since it is already September by the time we climb, we can already saw the changing of leaves color, the sign of autumn and yes, it was a bit chilly even when we're still not yet at the summit. Since the next climb will be on 4:30 in the morning and the shelter's light's off time was 8:30 in the evening, we went to bed as early as 7:30 in the evening to have enough sleep and be ready for our next challenge going to the summit. 
Despite the chilly temperature above 2,000 plus feet in the ground, we conquered it and enjoyed the first rising of Mr. Sun. It felt nostalgic while witnessing the sunrise. As if it was still the first time. Its best the second time around. After witnessing the amazing gift from God, we had a group tour picture. As you can notice, we're the only ones whose in 20s. All we're our lolos and lolas. By the way, please just ignore the year in the picture. (Late siguro nang 1 year ang camera ni tour guide... LOL...)
Minutes after eating our breakfast upon descending from the summit, we were off again for our descending moments along those difficult and dangerous cliffs waiting our way. I just can't explain my emotions during that time. Mixed of emotions and pain all over the body. With just only short breaks in between, I almost want to give up but I just keep on saying myself, "just one more step and you're going to have your bath". LOL... 
And at last, we arrived the grounds. Of course required photo ops with our guide. Petite yet so strong. I admire her for that. After this, it's time to take our baths in a public bath! Still, not yet use to it but we don't have a choice but to act like locals, right. And yes, 2 out of 3 mountains, finished! See you next year Mt. Tateyama. Please be nice to us.
(photos by me, the sister, the cousin)

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