Throwback Thursday: Whitepia 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hello everyone! Cold days again in this part of the world. Autumn is here loveys! For some cold-themed posts, I am sharing you this freezing post!

During last part of winter this year, we've been to a snow ski park! Again, first time gal here! Just saw snow ski parks in televisions before but this time, I got to try it! What a lucky gal here, right?!
All I can see is white! (of course, right?! snow ski park eh, alangan naman makakita ka nang Also, got to ride a lift which a ride that transfers skiers from the ground to the mountains where the skiing part takes place. It was indeed amazing and enjoyable! I can't believe myself I succeeded in riding and getting off the lift. It's so hard, you know. Taking note that you have your skis on.

For a beginner, yes, I stumbled many times! It's so hard, I want to just roll myself in the snow to make myself a snowball and just roll myself to finish the course but I think that is exaggerated enough. LOL.
The experience might be hard for me at first but finishing the course all by myself is such an accomplishment. Being with beautiful people and awesome view is just a plus! Wanna go back there this winter! Wanna go with me?

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