Throwback Thursday: Kyoto 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I know, I know, I just posted about Kyoto, right? Well, this is what I told you to stand by 'cause I have another post about this classic and beautiful city. Last March I think of this year marks my 2nd visit to Kyoto and definitely this will not be the last. This time, this trip was with the cousin during a failed Tokyo trip. We had a 3 day-off bound for Tokyo but at the last minute, the other one on the trip cancelled so what to do on a 3 day-off? Decided to have a Kyoto photo shoot for a day. Photos below will do the story telling.
Bumped with these "feeling real" geishas. LOL. (sorry for the word) But though they're fake, this is the farthest we can get to have a geisha pictured. FYI: Real geishas lurk. They don't usually come out and seen by people and have their picture. I think these girls pay 10,000+JPY or 5,000PHP just to play geisha-geishahan. I can't afford that! LOL.
Though the same places as the other post HERE, this time, more photos shared and in different views. first is the Kiyomizu-dera temple.
Along the narrow streets around Kiyomizu-dera temple lies nice spots and things for some photos like the picture above. Below photo is a popular ride you can ride around the streets of Kiyomizu-dera that is pulled by a person. (just imagine how strong is that person...)
Next stop is the ever popular Kinkakuji temple aka The Golden Pavilion. Its beauty still amazes me.
We want to go to Arashiyama but the time does not allow us so we just consume our time walking around Kyoto train station. Good place, good architecture, you cannot ask for more!
The Kyoto tower to end the story... How did you like it?

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