Throwback Thursday: Centrair 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Since I came via Kansai airport, I was excited to see how Centrair looks like. Its the airport in Chubu area located in an island in Nagoya. Yes, I say island since you should cross a railway over waters. 
Joining the sister and the cousin UNTIL Centrair for their Guam trip. Yes, until at the airport only since I am not joining them for their Guam bound.
The picture talks itself.
I like how I came up with this outfit. So European-ish. 
Philippine Airlines for Manila just had its take-off. How I wish I was inside. #missinghome hashtag here.
The sister and the cousin's ANA airlines bound for Guam taking off.
How cute are these mascots campaigning for eradication of smuggling??? Smugglers, would you stop if someone likes these cute thing-y appeals to you???

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