Throwback Thursday: Universal City Walk Osaka 2012

Thursday, September 26, 2013

As you can read in my post HERE, we had an epic fail peg with the sister during getting an NBI clearance in Osaka. So after a week, we came back to Osaka for my NBI clearance. Still, Philippine system is the same even here. By that Philippine system, I hope you already know what I mean. (random rambling here...) After half a day in the embassy, at last we're done. To cure the bad trip of both of us, we decided to go to Universal city where Universal Studios Japan is located. October 2012 was our scheduled trip to USJ but unfortunately, a week before that I had my chicken pox made in Japan. What a great timing, right?!? That's why all reservations were cancelled and the trip in USJ were off. But, done is done. I don't regret it already since I went with many companions in USJ this year. If you haven't read it, see it HERE. Well, back here, we just decided to go to Universal City Walk (outside of Universal Studios premises) during our half day in Osaka.

Recommendations: When in your Osaka, you must eat their yummy, delicious and famous "takoyaki". Osaka takoyaki taste like OMG?! I can't describe it and while typing this one makes me go back to Osaka just to eat takoyaki. (exagg mode again...LOL..
Upon going home, saw this one and told myself I will definitely come back for you Universal Studios Japan and it didn't fail me since I was brought by chance in USJ.

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