Throwback Thursday: Fuji-q Highland 2012

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How do you like this shot of mine? Didn't ride this ferris wheel though.
I have the love for amusement parks so when the chance came of going to the I think most thrilling and most exciting amusement park I've been, we traveled Gifu prefecture until Yamanashi prefecture by a tour bus just to experience the thrill awaits us. Despite of being so early in the location, noted that it is during weekdays, there were still so many people enjoying the park. Long queues welcomed us. We had a whole day to spend but the long lines consumed almost our time. That's why out of Fuji Q's famous roller coasters, we only had the chance of riding 3 out of 4. These were the Eejanaika (a 4th dimension steel roller coaster), Fujiyama (been in the Guinness as of 2007 as the world's 8th tallest, 5th longest and 10th fastest roller coaster and was once the world's tallest roller coaster) and Dodonpa (was once the world's fastest roller coaster and as of now, 2013, it is the world's 4th fastest roller coaster but still has the highest acceleration at launch time which me instead of planning to raise my hands during launch, and peg?epic fail. Sa bilis, parang maiiwan ang kamay at kaluluwa ko. Haha. That's why napababa na lang ang kamay ko. LOL.). The other one is the Takabisha but unfortunately we didn't had the chance to ride it. We also want to enter the Haunted Hospital, the world's 2nd largest haunted attraction but unfortunately, time doesn't allow us since it was also lined up with a bunch of hungry for thrill and fear. That's why we consumed the remaining time acting silly and crazy with a bunch of also crazy girls!
By the way, if you want to see what's in the park you can visit their site HERE.
I will make sure I'm going back to this place and will ride/enter the rides/attraction I wasn't able to experience in God's time and also hoping to go to a different amusement parks. Will you go with me? Oh, please tell me you will (inserts blinking eyes here...). :)

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