Throwback Thursday: Sakura Viewing 2012

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Since August 1 is a Thursday, I will give you a #ThrowbackThursday post and from now, every Thursday, I will share to you #ThrowbackThursday adventures from when I stepped down in the Land of the Rising Sun until my USJ adventure which you can read it HERE. Instead of making it into one post, I decided to make it this way. So for the first among the rest, scroll down for more photos (though ang daming pictures na gustong i-share, I limit it to few in order not to bore you with all these old stuff memories of a non-sense person like me.hehehe...)

(photos by my sister)
This was 2 months after my arrival. It's been the cherry blossom month and together with my sister, we had a mini cherry blossom viewing in a small park. Isn't it so beautiful, mapa-layo or lapit man? This year, I've never been into a cherry blossom viewing but got to see those sharming trees along the way to work. Very now and then I am amazed with those flowers in those trees. Look at how amazed I am in those pictures above, kung maka-emote, wagas! hahaha...

There you go guys and gals for my first post this August (it's already so hot, I wanna take my clothes off..lalalala...) It's summer already here by the way.

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