Throwback Thursday: Kinka-san Climb 2012

Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is to show you how we practiced for our Mt. Fuji climb with the sister and the cousin which will be posted soon here so wait up for it. We climbed up and hiked down the Mt. Kinka, a mountain here in the area, in order to stretch those hard muscles and at least to experience the difficulty in climbing. Even in the start, the route we took was hard. We pursue and inspired ourselves to go on for the sake of the Mt. Fuji hike experience. The route was like a woman having mood swings! First, it was a plain path, then comes those rock barriers.

Despite those hard times, we were rewarded with these kind of views.
After completing the climb, you will get to view the fascinating and magnificent view of Gifu castle. You can also enter the castle for 200JPY where you can see and view something like the picture above. The inside is like a museum of different weapons, costumes, shields, masks, etc. used in Oda Nobunaga era. (FYI: this is where I saw a real shuriken used in Naruto and other ninja stories. At kung baga sa fashion pa, vintage finds. Hahaha.)
For hiking down, we took the plain routine in order to relax ourselves from the climb earlier. We stopped, shoot and enjoyed the views of nature. (We were like having a nature-trip plus having a practice for a some kind of life experience. - hitting two birds in one stone, right?)
That's it for the practice. What do you think? Will this do for a practice of some inexperience gals in climbing mountains? And for the first try, ang pinaka-mataas pa na bundok nang Hapon?! Well, let us see in the future posts.

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