Throwback Thursday: Japan Monkey Park 2012

Thursday, August 15, 2013

For this week's throwback Thursday adventure, I am going to bring you the land where our ancestors are. This is a park recommended for children. (well, don't judge me, I am a child at heart.) It's a park with some rides of course for children, a pool park and the highlight, the monkey park! Went here on a random day. (this is where "no-planning-plan" is truly tested.) Went with an Indonesian friend that by that time, she can be seen through televisions. (o diba, ang gara ko! foreigner na, artista pa! Hahaha... )

Hello there Pikachu and the infamous Hello Kitty!
Say hi to Anpan-man too. And look there's Doraemon. (FYI: In Japan, Doraemon is pronounce as Do-ray-mon.)
Hey there girl! What's about that face??? Bored + Heat = Above Face. Hehehe...
Inside the park's Ferris Wheel.
And now, it's time to enter the world of my ka-nunununu-an. This is where I got to see a real gorilla!
This iguana wants to touch you, he said. By the way, this photo was featured in a long time ago when I upload it there. Hehe. (just to let you know...)
There's a part in that park where you can enter and look closer to this kinds of monkeys. Who are they? Well, I forgot already. (sa dami ba naman nang name nang mga ancestors ko, hindi ko na maalala...hehe..)
And now, presenting to you the today's Homo Sapiens. Those people are on green, in shorts and has a sling brown bag. If you saw like them, please don't be afraid to approach and have an autograph. Hehe.
The park's best couple! Oh! How I love mascots! (namiss ko tuloy si Jollibee.)

That's for this week's #throwbackthursday. See you again next week!

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