Throwback Thursday: Fuji-san Climb 2012

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello there guys wherever part of the world you're in! Just got up from bed after a night shift and just remembered it's another Thursday and I didn't had any drafts for my throwback Thursday. So without further adieu, I would like to share to you my Mt. Fuji climb almost a year ago.
My bestfriend for that day is this backpack from Dora the Explorer. (I know there's a corn there! Hahaha...) This is my trusty Coleman backpack for hiking enthusiasts. It's a bit big, bulky and heavy right there. Also, there's my handy-dandy cane.
At the 5th station where everything starts! Here I am posing for a once in a lifetime adventure! Join me! Color palette of the day? Blue-Green!
There were so many pictures taken before, during and after the climb pero sa kadami-dami nila, gusto kong ilagay lahat but it will make this post long so decided not to post na lang. Hahaha. 
With these two crazies. Companions in crime. 
And we reached the 8th station. The last station where there are huts to rest on. This is where we rest on for 4 hours to get ready for the challenge awaits us. 
FYI: You can also view the sunrise here if you cannot go on until to the summit. 2 kilometers more and we will reach the summit!
Yehey! Reached the summit before the sun will make its rise! Just passed the "torii", Nihongo for a Japanese gate as seen at the back. Indication that you reached the summit! Look, this crazy just reached the summit of Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan and is now known as a UN Heritage site. Well, Uncle Fuji, you deserved it!
Look how all those smiles despite of brrrrrrrrrr-ness. It's so cold up there, FYI! And another look at the background!? Isn't it majestic and beautiful?! I am awed by this beauty. I thanked God for giving me this opportunity to witness one of His beautiful creations.
Look at that photo bomber! What are you looking at?! Am I the sunrise of your morning?! Hahaha...

And for those one of the many photos we took of the sunrise, here are some just below this.
After witnessing the sunrise, it's now time for descending the mountain. FYI again, the descending part is I think the most difficult part. You will know once you're there. I will not spoil you anymore to give you the urge to really try it. Because of the difficulty, tiredness, no more pictures upon descending.
Just arrived in the plains. With our very kind, approachable, encourage-r (if there's such term) and being considerate. Pabalik-balik na lang siya sa summit as if it's her house. Hahaha. And Mt. Fuji viewed from below as the background.
And now, my evidence and serves as my souvenir is this piece of paper showing that I conquered and reached the summit of now known as a UN Heritage site, Mt. Fuji of the Land of the Rising Sun. Once maybe enough but let's see in the future if I can climb back again. By the way, next month, with the same companions, we're going to challenge again ourselves climbing another mountain in Japan. Mt. Haku, see you the soonest! Another FYI, Mt. Haku is one of the 3 holy mountains of Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama. Meaning, this will be our 2nd mountain of the 3 then by God's guidance, maybe next year, Mt. Tateyama will be next.

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