Travel Tuesday: US of J aka Universal Studios Japan

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello! Greetings from Hollywood, NYC and Beverly Hills! (Well, in my dreams...). Actually, I am only greeting you in my usual place, in front of my laptop. The reason behind those mediocre greetings is that I am now able to share to you my adventure in the well so known Universal Studios Japan! Been there for 2 days that's why this will be a post bombard with photos for you to drool. (for those who've not been to maybe and will make you go there right now.) I've been to Osaka once and visited Universal City but just outside the Universal Studios Japan premises and now I really got to witness its beauty and experienced being a kid again (though I've been always a kid in heart and mind.haha.). It's been 2 weeks I guess before I had the time to post this great, amazing and once a lifetime opportunity I had. Enough of this rant, (baka humaba pa ang rants ng inyong likod...) here are the photos to feed your jealousy (if only you're jealous, of course.hehehe...).
 Went there with the sister, the cousins and 2 of my Indonesians  buddies. We split into 2 groups because different persons want to go to different places. The only time we met was from entering the premises, went back to our hotel and the time we went home that's why almost in the pictures were only the 3 of us.

For our first day, we bought an express pass in order to ride and to watch almost all the rides and shows, respectively. Having an express pass, you will not be having problems queuing the long lines for a certain ride/show. Even it's weekdays, there are so many people, so better use the express pass wisely.

First to try is the Sesame Street 4D show in the morning then Shrek 4D in the afternoon. Enjoyed and can't stop wow-ing and ahw-ing of how a 4D effects is. It's like you're really there and we enjoyed a lot! Great for kids and also kids at heart like ME!

There are so many great, interesting and amazing rides for the young and adults there!

Also, this time is the 1st year anniversary of the Wonderland in USJ. In Wonderland, pastel colors dominated the area. Good for Hello Kitty lovers and for kids.
Of course, every adventure, needs a selfie mode of the adventurer. Look how all my pictures turn out. Looks like I'm selling my teeth. Who wants to buy them?!? Tag-singko, tag-singko lang. LOL.

I didn't knew I was also there to meet my friends that's why we called Jen and Friends. This was a laugh trip since I really insisted myself to have a picture with these Sesame Street characters even if it's there time to pack up. Almost all the eyes were on me laughing! Curse you Bert, hentai ka masyado hah. Dyan pa talaga sa not so well gifted part I have. Hahaha. Laugh trip!
Well, what will be an adventure if there's no wacky, funny and crazy poses of the adventurers?! Enough of the common smile, labas ngipin portion, it's time for some quirky poses! And I give you these...

Still, can't get enough of USJ picturesque locations, so here you go. It really feels like you're in Hollywood. From the buildings and food stalls to the music you can here around the premises, you really can't imagine you're in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are so many places to capture to, yet it's better if you can witness with your two eyes.
In the second day, I fall in line in a minute ride that I wasn't able to ride in the first day for 3 long hours. Oh me gawhd! It's the limited edition ride called Backdrop which will only last for I guess, 95 more days. If a usual rollercoaster is you can see where are you going, Backdrop is the opposite. More challenging, thrilling, worth waiting in a long queue and soooooooo???? (di ko na alam anong i-dedescribe ko.LOL.)

We also watched the Waterworld show where I don't have pictures nor videos in order not to spoil you. (well, sa totoo, I can't make a video since I am really hooked at the show. Great acts of every characters.). The only picture we had is with the characters after the show.
We also had the Circus show and the Rock 'n Roll show before getting ready to part ways with USJ. If you want to watch the videos I recorded in the Circus show and the Rock 'n Roll show, you may watch it in my Youtube channel HERE.

Upon going home, though not the first car of a 16-car shinkansen, we we're lucky enough to be in the car 16 where you can see the back face of the shinkansen. I've had a picture of me beside a shinkansen but it's in the middle, I didn't have the opportunity to have a picture but this time, I had, so of course, photo ops!
So that's it guys! I hope you were able to experienced what I experienced through these photos. Well, maybe, next time, we can go together, right. What 'yah think?

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