Fresh As Hidagyu

Friday, July 12, 2013

Just a week ago, we went for some yakiniku to celebrate the birthdays of the sister and the cousin which on the month of July, different dates though. Been to a yakiniku restaurant before, but this time will be different. Simply because, the meat in this restaurant is no other than hidagyu, a beef from Takayama-shi which has the best taste, very tender meat but very pricey. But its worthy the price. That was my first time to eat that kind of meat that I used to see only on televisions here. (while typing, I'm drooling right, especially I'm hungry this time.) Will just show you the photos of the foods I got to take. (maybe, that time I didn't forgot to take pictures since usually, I gobble it first then realized I still didn't take a single picture... hindi talaga ako pwedeng maging food blogger siguro.hehe.) Here you go, drool with me while looking at these pictures. (drool...)

For the birthday celebrant's birthday cake, they made a cake where their faces from a certain photo copied. How cute isn't it? I hope I will receive like this one on my birthday. (nagsabi na ako na ibibigay ko ang gusto kong picture na ilalagay sa cake. hahaha...)

How do you like my food photography this time. It isn't as bad as a beginner right? (sabihin nyong OO!hehe...)

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