Project 3 of 365: National Fireworks Display 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 I still love the output of this one even though it's going to fade already. There's something on it I which I love that I don't know what it is. (shunga lang???hahaha...)
 I just love how the output of this shot where  it looks like meteor showers.
This shot may be a little crowded but the thing I love about it why I chose to be part of this set is the art-something about it. I just had the feeling of something which I can't remember what it is. (again, shunga lang ang peg? I am a something-girl today...pagbigyan nyo nah!?heheh...)
Here are my unedited first-timer firework shots last Japan's national firework display. Out of hundreds of trial-and-error camera settings, these are I think my best shots.(charing lang?!parang sino kung makasabi nang best shots..hahaha...)

After researching how to shoot fireworks, I came up with camera settings of (manual focus for lens; turn on bulb setting; ISO:100; Aperture: f/8, f/11). Any suggestions for camera settings when shooting fireworks? Glad to know and try them. 

I would like to leave you with these 3 shots I love among the chosen hundreds of shots.
What do you think? Is it good for a first-timer? Pro photogs, how about some comment and advice?

The Comeback Giveaway (Closed)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello guys and gals! Hello again after my 3 posts in a row. I am back with a comeback giveaway post! This giveaway is to welcome myself in coming back to the blogging world. This time, you will have a chance to win this Ya-Man No!No! Hair Removal kit.

No! No! Hair Removal is a device which uses thermicon technology that takes heat down to the follicle to not only remove the hair, but also inhibit future growth. This system claims to you no hair with no pain and no hassle. This can be used for those unwanted hairs in the armpits, legs, arms, bikini lines and those unwanted hairs in between your mouth and nose. So for those lots of women get sick of shaving all the time and waxing or bleaching, this might be for you.

This kit has the device, charger, 2 tips (narrow & wide), cleaning brush, a smoother and an instruction guide in CD but unfortunately, in Nihongo. You may search at the web for instructions and information in your convenient language. So without further ado, scroll more for the instructions on how to join this comeback giveaway.

This giveaway is for Philippine residents only. There will be one winner until the giveaway ends. This is for thanking everyone who follows and will be following me from now on in this blog. I hope you will patiently wait for my next posts, keep on reading my posts and let's be friends. 

Fresh As Hidagyu

Friday, July 12, 2013

Just a week ago, we went for some yakiniku to celebrate the birthdays of the sister and the cousin which on the month of July, different dates though. Been to a yakiniku restaurant before, but this time will be different. Simply because, the meat in this restaurant is no other than hidagyu, a beef from Takayama-shi which has the best taste, very tender meat but very pricey. But its worthy the price. That was my first time to eat that kind of meat that I used to see only on televisions here. (while typing, I'm drooling right, especially I'm hungry this time.) Will just show you the photos of the foods I got to take. (maybe, that time I didn't forgot to take pictures since usually, I gobble it first then realized I still didn't take a single picture... hindi talaga ako pwedeng maging food blogger siguro.hehe.) Here you go, drool with me while looking at these pictures. (drool...)

Travel Tuesday: US of J aka Universal Studios Japan

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello! Greetings from Hollywood, NYC and Beverly Hills! (Well, in my dreams...). Actually, I am only greeting you in my usual place, in front of my laptop. The reason behind those mediocre greetings is that I am now able to share to you my adventure in the well so known Universal Studios Japan! Been there for 2 days that's why this will be a post bombard with photos for you to drool. (for those who've not been to maybe and will make you go there right now.) I've been to Osaka once and visited Universal City but just outside the Universal Studios Japan premises and now I really got to witness its beauty and experienced being a kid again (though I've been always a kid in heart and mind.haha.). It's been 2 weeks I guess before I had the time to post this great, amazing and once a lifetime opportunity I had. Enough of this rant, (baka humaba pa ang rants ng inyong likod...) here are the photos to feed your jealousy (if only you're jealous, of course.hehehe...).
 Went there with the sister, the cousins and 2 of my Indonesians  buddies. We split into 2 groups because different persons want to go to different places. The only time we met was from entering the premises, went back to our hotel and the time we went home that's why almost in the pictures were only the 3 of us.

For our first day, we bought an express pass in order to ride and to watch almost all the rides and shows, respectively. Having an express pass, you will not be having problems queuing the long lines for a certain ride/show. Even it's weekdays, there are so many people, so better use the express pass wisely.

Project 2 of 365: Nature As Subject

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good morning guys and gals! We're now in the middle of week. How time flies so fast, right?! So now, before I sleep (yes, in this hour, I still not in my cotton cloud bed, so I gotta make this short). Another set of unedited photographs of mine taken not so long time ago. I just gotta show you these. More to come soon. How and which do you like it?