Free Things To Do In Tokyo

Friday, September 2, 2016

Had the thoughts of Tokyo being expensive? Well, leave it in your thoughts because you can experience Tokyo in cheap or almost for free. There are so many place here that you can visit for free. Just take note of the many temples here and there, even the train stations are a must visit. Whether just want to hang out or have some alone time, you can do it without spending some moolah. Here are some of my lists of the must free things to do while in the metropolis.

1. Pay a visit at Meiji Shrine. Pay respect by visiting this shrine that is dedicated to the first Emperor Meiji of modern Japan and Empress Shokken in 1920. The shrine is open from sunrise to sunset and no closing days. You can have a 10-minute walk to the South entrance from Harajuku station or to the North entrance from Yoyogi station.

2. Hachiko statue as a rendezvous. Meeting a friend? Why not have your meetup in the famous dog statue, Hachiko just outside Shibuya station and that will lead to... #3

3. Get scrambled with the crowd at Shibuya crossing. Join the locals and tourist alike while crossing the famous intersection during the "GO" sign. Have your selfie stick cameras and GoPro for a great experience. You can have the cross-all-you-want to get that perfect shot.

Common Places To Visit in Tokyo, Japan ala Jenponix

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Every tourist visiting Japan must probably include Tokyo, Japan's capital in their itineraries. I guess it should not be forgotten. At all, it's the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun where fashion, culture, and food at its best. Better agree with me, Japanese food is the best! I guess every traveler's dream is to set their feet in Tokyo. Just like me. Yes, I've been here for almost 4 years but I just recently visited it and guess what? I will go back for sure, of course, to visit the places I've missed and to try other things Tokyo can offer. When that time comes, it should be long, I promise. For now, I will just give you my personal 1-day itinerary. One day is not enough to explore Tokyo, but I was able to at least capsulized Tokyo in less than 24 hours.

I departed Nagoya 11:50 in the evening and arrived at Shinjuku 5:30 in the morning the next day. By the way, I traveled almost 6 hours via an overnight Willer Express bus. It had 3 stops in order for the passengers to have the toilet or have some midnight snacks or to prepare for arrival. Don't worry, this overnight bus will let you relax for the night. Well, of course, Japanese service, you know. Well, on to my personal itinerary. These are the list I was able to visit during that span of time.

1. Hachiko Statue/Shibuya Crossing (Shibuya)
This is where the statue of Hachiko, the loyal dog from the movie who patiently waits for his master to come home even the master died from heart attack. This is a popular rendezvous for friends or couple outside the Shibuya station. Another famous place in Shibuya is the Shibuya crossing or known as the "The Scramble". The world's busiest intersection where a great number of people, locals and tourists alike pass through once the green light is on.

Nagashima Spaland: A Thrill-Seeker's Place

Friday, July 29, 2016

Another part of Nagashima Resort is the Nagashima Spaland. This is an amusement park for thrill-seekers. It has rides and attractions for adults and even for kids. People who are not fund of amusement parks may also enjoy while ride-sighting and listening to those screams of riders. Before I was able to visit this amusement park, I have a Nagashima Spaland post in Taiken Japan as my first article in the said website.
Because of so many rides and attractions to choose from but had a limited time, we chose the biggest and the most thrill rides in the park. Better get ready queuing for a single ride. It may take more time than the actual ride. Better find a way to enjoy yourselves in the queue. But I may tell you, it will be worth the wait. An entrance fee of 1,600Jpy is needed but if you want to ride almost the rides and have plenty of time to spend, better get the entrance + ride all you can ticket worth 4,500Jpy for adults. What are you waiting for? Let's scream and enjoy!

2015-2016 Winter Illumination in Nabana No Sato

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

After a day spent watching those beautiful blooming floras, have a rest for a while before watching the Nabana No Sato Illumination when the clock strikes 6 in the evening. You better look for a place in the bridge to have a better view of the lake when the illumination starts. Then head on to the tunnel of lights where you will walk inside a tunnel full of lights! From the entrance until the end of the tunnel, so romantic and beautiful.

2016 Nabana No Sato Flower Festival in Kuwana, Japan

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Nabana No Sato is part of Nagashima Resort located in Kuwana city, Mie prefecture in Japan. It is one of the many places in the Tokai region for leisure time. Nabano No Sato is a flower park where a bunch of flora are in full bloom depending on the season. The mother is here for vacation that time and since this is my first time here on an April month, I was excited to visit the place and this time, they are featuring different blooms of tulips. My favorite flower! From colors to sizes, in awe upon seeing those. Reminiscing that time while typing this post now.

Dahilayan Forest Park in Bukidnon, Philippines

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dahilayan Forest Park is just a walk away from Dahilayan Adventure Park. If the Adventure Park has a free entrance, Dahilayan Forest Park has an entrance of 100Php for adults. Dahilayan Forest Park has rides and attractions but unlike DAP, it has a lesser thrill though I got an accident here. I just got my now knee scar because of the Buggy/ATV ride in the forest park. You read it right, I got my accident in my what so called lesser thrill place than the adventure park. Tadhana nga naman... LOL... Dahilayan Forest Park is not just for kids but for adults also. I guess it's good for family with children since everyone, of all ages can enjoy with the rides and attractions. They have the Forest Luge, ATV/Buggy Ride, Barrel Train, ZorbIt, Tree Top Adventure, Trampoline, Hanging Bridge, and Mini Golf Area. That's why it is called The Ultimate Family Playground which I agree.

Forest Luge (600Php)
This is the only luge ride in the Philippines. This is a ride from New Zealand where it rolls in twist and turn track where you can enjoy a scenic view while riding.

ATV/Buggy Ride (ATV for 750Php; Buggy for 1000Php)
You can choose between the two and a tour guide will guide you in a 3.2kms rough terrain, steep hills but with scenic views.